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 Akane, The Raikage's Personal Medical Ninja (Completed)

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Akane (UHCM)


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PostSubject: Akane, The Raikage's Personal Medical Ninja (Completed)   Thu Oct 07, 2010 3:48 am

General Information
Name: Akane

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Rank: Medical Ninja (Rank-A)

Village: Kumogakure (she is born in Amegakure)


Personal Information
Personality: Akane was notable for her unchanged loyalty to the Fifth Raikage (which many has an oversight about her) and an array of emotions that ranged from depressive worries about "her Kan-chan" to an elation when talking or caring to the Fifth Raikage or doing what she is told to do. Akane's anger is equivalent to a warning to either apologize or run away because she felt like hurting that person; despite her anger issues, she did not show any of that towards the Fifth Raikage, even if he puts her in Amegakure in the dead of night; instead, she frequently gives him a bear hug from behind and called him, "Kan-chan." Like the Fifth Raikage, she shown great patriotism for Kumogakure and heavily disliked those who opposed the hidden village; she even developed a kind heart to those who are part of the village and the Raikage's friends, but a rude mistrust to those who are outside to both of them. Since Akane usually be at the Raikage's side, it is considered inevitable that a stranger would get rudeness from her when the Raikage does not recognize the stranger as a friend or part of the village. Often times when the Fifth Raikage is on his leisure time outside, Akane is usually sight nearby him, meditating and mumbling under her breath.

In combat, Akane is a deadly adversary as she usually employed a combination of jutsu's and her swordplay. One of her implemented actions is to "teleport" multiple times and striking at enemies if there was a group. Best of warning, if she remains stationary with her sword pointing at a ninja, she is marking that ninja as her foe to fight alone (which is rare and usually depicts a deep grudge against that ninja since she rarely have any nemesis or arch-rival.)

Fifth Raikage Doku Kanjo (Evidence: Despite having a house of her own, she always end up at the Raikage's house after a late night party)

Kumogakure (She is a patriot to the hidden village ever since she moved there)

A balance of Vegetables and Seafood (Non-Sugar diet ever since she is born with sugar intolerance)

Traitors (Its her duty to kill them on sight if they survived)

Sweet Taste (she is medically intolerant to sugar, so she cannot have a pinch of sugar without ending up calling in sick or worse)

Roses (they smell funny to her)

Replacement (She is "quite" competitive = killing those who are her replacements)

Raindrops (Just gives her bad memory)

Darkness (actually, she is more afraid of the feeling of death)

Losing the Fifth Raikage (Yes, she is that loyal to him)

Wind Meditation: Akane made it her hobby and routine practice to sit on her knees and used a repetitive sequence of hand seals (Bird > Horse > Monkey > Snake) while chanting "Tori, Uma, Saru, Mi." The purpose behind the meditation was believed to restore her chakra by gathering chakra from the wind as it carried the dispensed chakra in the air. The dispensed chakra were once chakra expelled from every ninja in the country whenever they used a jutsu. The mantras are also believed to be the refining process of converting the dispensed chakra into chakra that she can use. If nothing else, it is good practice for her use of handsigns for certain jutsu's.

Cleaning the Raikage's House: Even when on duty, she always find time to make virtually everything in the Raikage's house neat and inviting for the people, including his subjects. Unknown to the Raikage, she also does his clothes daily at night.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status: Crushing (Fifth Raikage Doku Kanjo)

Elements: Wind (Primary) and Lightning (Secondary)

Weapon Information

Komugakuren Masamune



Medical Pack

Jutsu Information
Medical Ninja : Like any other, Akane is capable of great chakra control and rare talent of precision. By studying in anatomy, any medical ninja is capable of saving lives while ending lives (in rarer occasion). Unfortunately for others, Akane follows a contradictory path as a swordsman and a medical ninja, making her a deadly foe and a reliable ally.

Great Chakra Control : Akane's natural talent with ninjutsu disciplined her to the point that she can use jutsu's under B-Rank with little to no cost of her chakra.

Swordsman : Akane uses her sword instead of the traditional Taijutsu. When mixed with Ninjutsu, she can amplify her damage dealing from mild to drastic depending on what jutsu that she uses.

Chakra Scalpel ??? Rank : The medical ninja formed scalpels in their hands from pure chakra and mainly used them for surgical procedures that required accuracy. But it can be used to dissect people, killing them slowly.

Mystical Palm Technique A-Rank : The medical ninja’s tool of the trade as it required a great deal of chakra control. In progression through result, the wounds are healed, bones are mended and blood and chakra are restored. However, it can also kill a target with excessive input of chakra.

Delicate Illness Extraction Technique B-Rank : The medical ninja can extract poisons from the victim, painful, but at least it is better than dying.

Blade Flicker Technique C-Rank: Like the Body Flicker, but instead of using the traditional method, the swordsman can use it as an advantage of flanking or attacking multiple foes with the mix of sword-dancing and very fast pass-bys. Unlike the original, the Blade Flicker drains the user quicker than those who just use Body Flicker at the same rate.

Electric Riposte C-Rank : Developed by Akane, it is meant to counter anyone who would use lightning based jutsu’s against her by concentrating her chakra onto her masamune while stabbing it into the ground. The chakra attracts the lightning attack into the blade. Afterwards, Akane can choose to redirect it into the ground, causing a small, but damage varied area of effect or redirect it into the air, making it harmless. The hardest attempt is to use it against Kakashi’s Chidori or Lightning Cutter; countering these will be considered a feat worthy of any AMBU if not Sanin.

Wind Release: Concussive Propulsion D-Rank : Simply, Akane focuses her wind-based chakra around her whole body or around her specified body part(s), forcing it to be contained to the point of instability. When at that point, she shocked the containment, forcing it to burst and cause an explosion that is either controlled or completely outward, making a small, but harmless burst of wind. It is mainly used for escaping (area), jump to higher grounds that the average ninja cannot get to the user (self) or to stun an enemy (direct).

Body Flicker Technique D-Rank : To an observer, it is teleportation, but to those who knew about it, it is just going to a certain distance in under a fraction of a second.

History and RP Sample

Childhood Arc

She was born as a burden to her family in Amegakure as in her situation, Akane was a prodigy in a bad family. Her family is a mother, a father and an older brother; the mother was condescending, her father was forceful and her brother was over-competitive. Education was out of her reach due to her father keeping her for potential bargaining as Akane often ran away to experience freedom before she was caught and tossed into her brother's room as her brother pushed her around about being a disappointment to normal people. Eventually, her yearning for freedom became her will to escape as she committed her first crime in her life. She murdered her father with her brother's kunai and ran away for the final time. During the escape, she finds a traveling ninja looking for company; she chose to take up the offer and traveled with the ninja.

Kumogakure Academy Arc

Feeling thankful for the support from the traveling ninja (who turns out to be a jonin from Kumogakure), Akane enrolled the Kumogakure Academy as a student. Although she experienced complications during training, she ignored the nays and constantly trained herself while no other student dared ask her if she needed help. Eventually she graduated as one of many top students. Her instructor commented that she is one of those who sleeps, eats and drinks training before becoming a genin.

Genin Arc

Akane participated in a team, but she trained herself alone as her instructor identified that her methods of training far differed than he planned. The examples of the skills are her keen use of a tanto, ninjutsu and her hobby of meditating. Though her teammates called her strange for training alone instead with the team, her uses to them are her recent acquisition of medical jutsu's from the Kumogakure Academy. When it came to the Chunin Exams at Konohagakure, her team survived as their starter medical ninja (Akane) picked up swordplay, which was unfamiliar to some ninjas. When it was during the finals, it was raining as Akane faced her older brother. Before he could make his move, Akane already charged at him with a well-timed chakra blast, sending herself shooting towards her brother with her tanto ready. The fight lasted some minutes until Akane's brother fell to his knees, seemingly unable to fight anymore. When the fight was Akane's victory, her brother launched a lightning jutsu upon her with the rain amplifying it. Akane survived the attack, but her brother was exiled for attempted murder.

Later On

After waking up, Akane noticed that she is in Kumogakure and was told that she became a chunin a week ago, some hours after she was nearly killed. Ever since she fully recovered from her ordeal, she wandered around Kumogakure, looking for a reason to continue on. It shortly ended when she noticed the Fifth Raikage and had a crush on him. Though it would be obvious, no one pointed out to the Raikage as she took many missions, even the tougher ranked missions with random teams. Eventually, she earned her place as she built her reputation as a great medical ninja, promoted as the Fifth Raikage's Personal Medical Ninja. From there on, she was trying her best to be both a candidate for the Fifth Raikage's affection and his personal medical ninja. In recognition of her great skills in swordplay (and very lacking capability in Taijutsu), she acquired the Kumogakuren Masamune, making her one of the Fifth Raikage's elite guards.

RP Sample: Early in the morning, Akane woke up and gets dressed in her usual attire that was unusual for any ninja, but it is what made her comfortable. She grabbed her masamune and walked out of her room and into the Fifth Raikage's room. Usually, he locked the door, but since she has the key in case of medical emergencies, she can enter his room freely as along it does not bother him. After entering his room quietly, she walked across the room and into the balcony that oversees the village; to Akane, it is the only place she can get to without effort and still get the adequate enough wind flow for her meditation.

She sat on her knees and lowered her head as the breeze greeted her with the morning chill. Being used to the cold, Akane kept her concentration as she calmly closed her eyes and softly clapped her hands together as preparation for making hand seals.

"Tori, Uma, Saru, Mi."

Usually, she spoke these under her breath to prevent waking up the Raikage with her chanting while she repeats this periodically after stopping at "Mi." Whenever she reached "Mi," or at the Snake hand seal, she stops to let the breeze passes through as she believed that as the snake, she can absorb chakra into her body. After a while, she repeats yet again with the same order of hand seals while saying,

"Tori, Uma, Saru, Mi."

It is her routine and it is what made her capable enough to be where she is now, by her leader's side.
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PostSubject: Re: Akane, The Raikage's Personal Medical Ninja (Completed)   Fri Oct 08, 2010 1:37 am

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Akane, The Raikage's Personal Medical Ninja (Completed)
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