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 Nisou Shikijou, The Lecherous Ninja

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PostSubject: Nisou Shikijou, The Lecherous Ninja   Fri Sep 17, 2010 4:51 pm

General Information
Name: Nisou Shikijou
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Rank: Jonin
Village: Konohagakure

(Note: What was on the bottom left was Nisou's lunch made by her mother. I think it was pickled octopus flavored in exotic spices.)
Personal Information
Personality: Nisou was one of those flirty ninjas, but she is from the long, widespread bloodline of deceptive and lecherous ninjas called the Shikijou Clan. Despite her silence was irritating for others who are not used to her, she was once able to talk before an event stole her voice. She was trained in the family to seduce another ninja into giving what she wanted, but she also carried the traditions of carrying on the bloodline, so even when she was a chunin, she was looking for a prospective mate to help her carry on the bloodline. But in her spare time as a jonin, she asked an infamous question that often gets accepted, only to be interrupted by duty or other ninjas who knew her.
----- Seducing
---- Deceiving
--- Dating
-- Music
- Sake
- Cheap Liquor
-- Marriage (She technically avoids them)
--- Emotional people (hearing the same story can get on her nerves)
---- Lavender (allergy by skin contact)
----- Interruptions
Fears: Captivity
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single (and still trying to land a date)
Elements: Lightning and Wind

Weapon Information
Twin Kamas (with thin ropes attaching them to her arm guards for the ability to throw and return)
Shuriken (When they see stars, she may be the suspect)
Survival Kit (comes with a handy dandy notebook and a serrated knife)
Capture Wire (100ft) (two sides of the same coin, it can hang the victim or entangle the victim)

Jutsu Information
(Genin Are allowed 4 Jutsu at the begining, Chuunin are allowed 6 Jutsu at the beginning, Academy Level Jutsu is a Gimmie, so you don't require to list those. Canon's can have as many as the character has.)

Wind Release: Petal Dust Dance (Tiger – Hare – Dragon) : This jutsu allows the user to summon a cyclone of petals to attack their opponent. The user can remain in one spot for the use of the jutsu, because he or she can direct it anywhere they desire. Therefore, the user can control the direction and power of the technique to the max as a last resort.

Lightning Release: Lightning Clone Technique : This technique allows the user to make a shadow clone infused with lightning. Because it is a shadow clone, it is able to perform jutsu and interact with the environment due to it having physical substance. If the clone is injured, it will revert to its natural lightning-state, at the same time electrocuting whatever it is touching.


Lightning Illusion Flash of Lightning Pillar : This genjutsu blinds the enemy with an extremely bright light that appears to emanate from the user. A secondary genjutsu can then be used, such as an illusion of the Fourth Raikage smashing the enemy into the ground.

Sparrow Flight : She leaps and kicks at her enemy; Nisou focused on this technique, so she can use the enemy to continue her “flight,” making this attack into a barrage from multiple directions in a single combo.

Smashing Heel Hammer : Inspired by Tsunade Senju’s Painful Sky Leg, Nisou focuses her chakra into her heel as she raised it up above her head before bringing it down upon the ground (or a person) with enough force to create a small crater, but unlike Tsunade's, the force is a bit less lethal in comparison.

One With The Ground : When not attacking, Nisou reinforced herself with this stance, using her chakra to root herself as well as reinforcement for her arms and hands to parry and block attacks.

Sealing Technique: Four Limbs Weighting Seal : This technique is performed by placing prayer beads around the wrists and ankles of the target and then pressing the palm against the target's chest. This increases the weight of the beads exponentially, weighing down the target's limbs. Given how it would be difficult to perform this technique in actual combat, it's primary use is seemingly for training in a style similar to Might Guy and Rock Lee. As the target of this jutsu continues to train, the prayer beads change color from White to Blue to Green to Yellow and finally to Red. Once red, this signifies that the training is complete. It is unknown if the prayer beads are an absolute requirement for this technique, or if it can be performed with any significantly weighed article of clothing, which would greatly improve this technique's battle efficiency.

Shikijou Bloodshed Technique

Bloodline Information
(Every Original has the ability to receive a blood line, bloodlines you need to describe full out and all its strengths and weaknesses. Along side the Blood Line you get to start out with 3 Jutsu for Genin and 5 Jutsu for Chuunin special to only that bloodline, If your Bloodline involves copying it would be advised to keep some slots open as these slots will be used for copying jutsu as well.")

Blood Line Information:

[Bloodline Jutsu]
Shikijou Bloodshed Technique: Shikijou ninjas are specially trained to regulate and resist higher blood pressure, making them very unlikely to reveal such symptoms like nosebleeds, blushing and more. For the technique to work, the shikijou ninja has to nick him or herself and draw their own blood into their mouth, making a blood-saliva solution that doubles the conduction of jutsu needed. After mixing, two ways can be used to apply it; the female shikijou ninjas can apply it to their lips, making it look like lipstick to lure an unsuspecting male ninja or either gender shikijou ninjas can spit into the victim’s mouth; either way, the end result was a very high blood pressure that stops at a certain point (depending on how much the solution is applied), which can ultimately incapacitates the victim (assuming that the victim did not die from blood loss or a heart attack.) It is primarily used to capture ninjas or to vanish out of the victim’s life. The technique required a certain degree of high blood pressure for it to work, but the only difficulty for someone not trained by the Shikijou Clan is trying to provoke the rise in blood pressure and maintain it without becoming a victim of overwhelming blood pressure.

History and RP Sample
History: The Shikijou Family or as they called themselves, "the Shikijou Clan" is a long line of specialized ninjas who are capable of hunting down missing-nins in the background while Anbu took care of the more dangerous missing-nins without worrying about weaker ones trying to attack while they are away. They are slightly known for their great numbers and lusty habits that are evident by rapid growing family without marriage being a thought; either Rabbits by respect or Rats by disrespect, either way, it was imagined that their lustful habits are inherited by their ancestral history that dated back to the first Hokage. The usual joke about them is the complaint about being surrounded by "rodents."

Since Nisou was born, her parents taught her language, improve her reflex through playful activities before the real training began when she can hold a kunai. Throughout her childhood, she was balanced between a friendly sight amongst her clan and a helpful partner when gathering information. When she became a teen, she was pulled away from her combat training to learn the second stage of the tradition, involving her being trained to handle herself productively and the bloodline’s bloodshed technique. Though the clan sees it as immoral to use the technique on another member of the clan, Nisou returned to performing missions as a method to train her newfound technique. Three years before the coming of age ritual, Nisou’s last mission of her teenage years went for the worse as her Jonin instructor was killed in his sleep by a shuriken and the murderers are two missing-nins from the leaf village, who captured her quickly as she woke up by the sound of a snapping twig. The Shikijou Clan hired a Anbu and a Jonin from the leaf village to find the captors and rescue Nisou. By the time they came, the missing-nins are already executing twelve captives with Nisou tenth in the lineup. The Anbu and Jonin failed to rescue eight captives, but managed to execute the two missing-nins. After being returned to the clan, Nisou was changed as she took further training in social and productive skills like seduction and cooking until she became a Jonin.

At age twenty-one, she was granted the rights to proceed into the coming of age ritual, where she receives a clan scar on her back, from the shoulders, down to her lower back as a reminder to other ninjas about how their head-father was murdered by a desert anbu, signifying their grudge against ninjas who are from the village hidden in the sand. By now, her family grew to have three brothers and two sisters, making Nisou the eldest child of the family. Typical for a Shikijou ninja of her age, Nisou went into Konoha village to find a mate, not to marry, but to continue her bloodline’s legacy and the technique that was taught throughout her clan. In mild recognition, the Shikijou Clan has an eccentric taste for anyone, male and female.

RP Sample: Nisou looked upon the bowl of ramen with debilitating boredom as she harvested some noodles before lifting it into her mouth. Usually she would have been eating with a person adjacent to her, but it seemed today that her luck ran out for a while as men ignored her and women put her off for something they believed to be more important. She only came to eat is because it was lunch time after a failure in finding someone to have lunch with. Nisou is not the kind to take favorites, so things would have been easy for her to do, but the cooperation seemed to denied her any company...except for a cocky chunin whom she knew was outranked by her; the only response she could give him is a very strong kick to the chin, knocking him out in front of his team. Having a pair of very strong legs and a pair of strong blocking arms are what sets her apart from her siblings who all resort to fists, swords or grappling. But right now, Nisou sighed about her prospect of not finding a date for sake tonight.

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PostSubject: Re: Nisou Shikijou, The Lecherous Ninja   Fri Sep 17, 2010 6:29 pm

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Nisou Shikijou, The Lecherous Ninja
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