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 Hayate, the Soldier of Konohagakure (Completed)

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PostSubject: Hayate, the Soldier of Konohagakure (Completed)   Mon Oct 11, 2010 4:16 am

General Information
Name: Hayate
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Rank: Jonin
Village: Konohagakure (Formerly Amegakure and Kumogakure. Joined before the rise of the Fifth Raikage, so no tattoos for him)

Personal Information
Personality: Hayate was an imaginative guy as he usually completes his tasks in either an outrageous or a flashy fashion while can be repressed his urge for a fun way of accomplishing tasks. Despite his optimistic views of a lot of events, Hayate was very content and still takes some things seriously. Being from a family of prodigies, Hayate was the most eccentric as he never takes training seriously after becoming a jonin and furthermore, he keeps his connections with Amegakure even though he was banished from there for crimes he did with Yaoi and the gang. The only times he gets frustrated is when his plans are shot down for being "not practical" in the sense of stealth and gathering information. The best quality he has was his loyalty to Konohagakure and Yaoi while his worst was his patience with the traditional (and effective) approaches; he tends to move around a lot when waiting or idling. Fact: His genin team commented that if anyone could count up the times Hayate-Sensei wanders around, it would accumulate to Might Gai's old records of exercises and workouts.

His relationships with Akane was somewhat sibling-like while sometimes they argued over the point of what they are supposed to do other than one of Hayate's plans involving dynamic entries. With Yaoi, he is her boyfriend as they shared common interests and being together since childhood. To his genin team, he kinda assumed the role of a father-figure as he gave them regiments of harsh training and caring for them in the end of each regiment. The genins would assumed that Hayate has the idea of a son or daughter, but in reality, he does not like to have a child of his own because he feared that history would repeat with his death and Yaoi's assassination by her new boyfriend.

---Yaoi (Current Lover)
---Akane (An Old Friend)
---Losing friends
---Secret Conspiracies
---Being a puppet
---Losing Yaoi
---Unnecessary Love
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Taken (Yaoi)
Elements: None

Weapon Information

Konohagakuren Broadsword
Medical Salve

Jutsu Information
Strong: Hayate was trained to endure harsh situation, making him more likely to survive dangerous situations than the average ninja would.
Swordsman: Trained to handle a blade, Hayate can mix another technique (like Taijutsu) with his swordsmanship.

Body Flicker (D-Rank)

[Taijutsu]]Chakra Enhanced Strength
Life Eternal Foe (Fighting Style) : Derived from the Chakra Enhanced Strength technique, Hayate turned the blade into reversed grip as he focuses his chakra into his feet and legs for speed, changes to arms and hands for power and then distribute throughout his whole body to accelerate the healing process should he get hurt along the way. Despite its usefulness, it does not recover chakra, so after using it, the user becomes more weary than before, but by then the relentless attacks with his sword, feet and fist (including the head) makes Hayate a force to be reckoned with. Though not true, Hayate can bluff that with the chakra cloak over him, jutsu's would not work.

Sentinel Combo : Hayate "dances" with the enemy by using series of calculated strikes with his fist and feet while leading with his sword. Eventually, the enemy ends up too confused as to what to do now or where Hayate would be, but by then, Hayate would have already overcome the enemy and uses him or her as a temporary shield against projectiles. If it was a group on one combat, Hayate uses it to lead the enemy into the projectiles' paths.

Bloodline Information
(Every Original has the ability to receive a blood line, bloodlines you need to describe full out and all its strengths and weaknesses. Along side the Blood Line you get to start out with 3 Jutsu for Genin and 5 Jutsu for Chuunin special to only that bloodline, If your Bloodline involves copying it would be advised to keep some slots open as these slots will be used for copying jutsu as well.")

Blood Line Information: From where he came from, his family are traditional Taijutsu prodigies as they developed their own kekke genkai by the use of cooperative jutsu usages. The pupil opens wide while flooding itself with chakra, giving the user a figuratively three-sixty view of the field because they can see the chakra in the air. What made the illusion of the three-sixty view is whenever someone moves, they gave off a bit of their own chakra while disturbing the static and free-floating chakra around everyone. It--however--serves no more purposes than to prevent any sneak attacks or flanking attacks, but Hayate learned to exploit its benefit to allow himself to substitute the feel of heightened reflex with arithmetic anticipation of any movements, even from a senbon. When used, the user's eyes looked like they are letting out blue steam as the downside was the eyes required chakra to work, so if overused, the eyes of the user will deteriorate and make him or her blind permanently. It started out as an instinctive trigger system caused by panic, but with training, it can be a toggle. The kekke genkai is hereditary as it was linked to the idea of using the existing blood in their body as an amplifying conductor for the chakra. To achieve full power of the kekke genkai is a complete mystery that only Hayate and his surviving family members in Amegakure knew.

[Bloodline Jutsu]
Arithmetic Gaze (Kekke Genkai): Toggles the kekkei genkai.

History and RP Sample
History: Hayate was born in a middle class family who are renown prodigies of the Taijutsu art, which gave him a traditional duty to learn Taijutsu starting at age five. Through early training, he learned of his kekke genkai from his mother, despite a threat made to her by her new boyfriend not to teach it. During training, Hayate's mother was assassinated by her boyfriend and the boyfriend called it an intentional accident orchestrated by the young Hayate. Hayate became furious and snapped the boyfriend's neck out of pure rage. The other family members learned of it and feared that Hayate's vengeance would draw too much attention onto them, endangering the secret of their kekke genkai. Willingly, Hayate left the family to draw attention away by creating a make-up gang that would make a bigger impact than the two deaths. He and Yaoi later met as Yaoi joined his gang a week after its formation. With Yaoi's street-smarts and Hayate's fighting capability, they caused quite a ruckus in Amegakure for a pair of nine year olds; ranging from robberies to sabotages. They soon moved to Kumogakure on their own to enroll the academy there. What changed Hayate's view from free-roaming to glory was the academy ceremony as he and Yaoi fought together against other students and came out as two of the twelve survivors.

As a genin in a team with Yaoi and Akane, Hayate shared common traits with them, the ability to use the sword in mix of their techniques and being from Amegakure. However, Hayate chose to set aside his personal life to excel in his capabilities since he nearly lost his life from being wounded while protecting Yaoi during the academy ceremony. Even though Yaoi was friendly with Akane, Hayate was annoyed with her at the start since Akane has to be correct about his "spices" would only caused more attention and more danger, though he soon have a brother-like bond with Akane due to his time with her and Yaoi as a genin. When it came to the chunin exam, he survived a lot of ordeals with the motive to be at Akane's level of experience; even though he witnessed Akane's quick successions of victories. One battle, he fought against his cousin, who learned the full benefits of his family's training; it shortly ended with the cousin's knockout by being punched to the face for "bragging too much in front of Hayate." When he learned that Akane's brother nearly killed Akane after his quick defeat, his confidence faded for a while as he nearly lost a friend to the chunin exam. But it soon rise back up when he learned that he and Yaoi are up next, which to him is another day of training with his lover. The match ended with a double forfeit, which their instructor commented that they are really training instead of fighting and they ended it in a timely fashion, ending exactly at the second hour from the start.

After Hayate and Yaoi left Kumogakure, he lives in Konohagakure as a jonin and one of the instructors of the teams of genins. Hayate still meets up with Yaoi at her pub in Tanzaku Gai while currently training three genins who passed the Academy by minimal scores. He gained the nickname, "security jockey" from Yaoi as he tends to be the one who keeps the troublemakers out of Yaoi's pub.

RP Sample: Hayate was walking through the town of Tanzaku Gai with his team of genins as he intended to see Yaoi after a week of hard work with training the "buttercup scouts" to be real ninjas. When he arrived to the pub, he noticed three punks who are looking to harass Yaoi for rejecting them; Hayate sighed with the notion that any gang would be embarrassed to see those three are out of their control. He calmly approached them and asked what they are doing, but gets an ignorant response as they are struggling with a tripwire trick. Hayate looked up and noticed a bucket of kunais above the door and was slightly surprised that they have to go that far. He jumped with the chakra enhanced legs and grabbed the bucket of kunais, attracting the attention of the punks. The punks realized who he is and scattered.

"Run, runts! Run! And forget coming back again!"

After disabling the trap, Hayate walked into the pub as he was warmly greeted by Yaoi with a wave. Hayate approached as his colleague, a fellow jonin left a stool for him to sit where Yaoi stands by mostly.

"What do you want for drinks, security jockey?"
"Just water please. The sake last week was rough."
"Gotcha! Coming right up! How's your job?"
"Have three honestly ill-trained genins, so I have to pull double duty for them to survive the upcoming Chunin Exam that takes place in Kumogakure."
"I would to advise you against going to Kumogakure because ever since the Fifth Raikage came along...things changed."
"And Akane?"
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PostSubject: Re: Hayate, the Soldier of Konohagakure (Completed)   Wed Oct 13, 2010 12:47 am

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Hayate, the Soldier of Konohagakure (Completed)
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