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 Here Kitty, Kitty...

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Nyxis Hanari

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PostSubject: Here Kitty, Kitty...   Sat Sep 17, 2011 2:18 am

Nyxis Hanari arrived in Konohagakure in the early morning. The sun had not yet risen and it was still cold from the dark. She didn't feel it though. She was too excited about this task that she was being put up to. "This may be just too easy." She murmured. Nyx then walked through the gates, ignoring the guards that were asleep. "Nice security, Konoha. I'll remember this."

She walked right into the center of the city. There was almost no people out and about, except for the random shinobi going to train. The silver haired girl paused, spinning in a slow circle. "Where did the Raikage say his address was?" She asked herself. Then, Nyxis remembered in an instant and headed towards the eastern part of the Hidden Leaf.

The girl walked right up to the door of the house and knocked gently. Then, she waited for the Niibi to emerge and she would ask him to go train with her in the forest, saying she was a friend of a friend. While they were in the forest, Nyxis would attack him and knock him out.

"As I said, almost too easy."
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PostSubject: Re: Here Kitty, Kitty...   Mon Sep 26, 2011 3:05 am

Reno stretched he had been on his couch all morning laying down and half asleep. his larthargy had his tail waving around in air bored as it moved from side to side. Konoha had been his adopted home since he had escaped from Kumogakure, and its tortures.

Reno yawned and rubbed sleep from his eyes. Reno still had no team in this village he preferred to work alone after his old team had tried to kill him for being a little less then human. at least thats what they had called his condition.

He was roused from his thoughts when there was a knock on the door. clambering slowly from his restful spot and stretching out on all fours. he rubbed sleep from his eyes and his cat like ears twitched. he hadn't been expecting anyone, and it was kind of odd that someone would knock on the door of the 'freak'. He guessed that it was most likely one of the many people 'responsible' for checking up on him.

Reno opened the door his tail twitching as he saw who was on the other end of the door. she seemed young at least his age, but he definatly didn't recoginize her from anywhere however there was a familiar smell from her. something familair it wasn't the smell of fresh forest everyone had that, but underneath that she had something else distant. "Can i help you?"
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Nyxis Hanari

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Join date : 2011-08-31

PostSubject: Re: Here Kitty, Kitty...   Mon Sep 26, 2011 12:30 pm

Nyxis had taken her forehead protector off before the even entered the city. She didn't want he Niibi to find out that she was from Kumogakure.

"Yes, um, I was wondering--if you're not busy that is--if you'd like to train with me...? Oh, and I'm Nyxis Hanari."
Nyxis smiled the best she could without making it look evil, and put on her act of innocence. It usually worked. "I looked around the street and someone old me that the Niibi lived here. See, we have something in common. I am the Jinchuuriki of the Hachibi." She said the last part in a low whisper so that nobody but Reno heard.

"So, will you come and train with me in the forest?"

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PostSubject: Re: Here Kitty, Kitty...   

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Here Kitty, Kitty...
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