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 Hanari Clan (Two Slots Open)

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Nyxis Hanari

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PostSubject: Hanari Clan (Two Slots Open)   Sun Sep 11, 2011 10:19 pm

General Information
Clan Name: Hanari
Clan Symbol:
Clan Location: Kirigakure

Clan Jutsus:

Name: Time Release: Rewind
Rank: A
Element: Time
Description: This jutsu will reverse time to 5 full seconds before the use of the jutsu. This can be used to prevent major wounds and even death. Requires Chimeigan to be activated.
Name: Time Release: Time Jump
Rank: S
Element: Time
Description: This jutsu will let you go back to one event in time (per topic) and stay there for only 1 hour (one or two posts). After the hour is up, the user must conduct the jutsu again, or they are stuck in that time period forever. This jutsu is very risky, as it could get you stuck in one time forever.
Name: Time Release: Slow Motion
Rank: A
Element: Time
Description: Time is slowed down by half for one post, making it seem like the user is two times as fast as she was before.
Kekkei Genkai: Chimeigan
Other Special Powers: Time Release

History and Members
History: The clan started with the first Hanari... Via Hanari was the founder of the clan. She was a great ninja, and a master of the Time Release. She started the clan in hopes of teaching her children and their children the art of the Time Release. Via successfully created her clan and taught her daughter and her son the jutsu, and her daughter was the first to have the Chimeigan.

However, the clan was brutally massacred in a way similar to the Uchiha Clan. It happened 18 years ago, by an unknown group that was rumored to be jealous of the Hanari Clan's powers.

~ Nyxis Hanari
~ (OPEN)
~ (OPEN)

Clan Founder: Via Hanari
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Hanari Clan (Two Slots Open)
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