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 Inigawa Clan [Open but only 4 Openings]

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PostSubject: Inigawa Clan [Open but only 4 Openings]   Fri Sep 10, 2010 7:05 pm

General Information
Clan Name: Inigawa
Clan Symbol:

Clan Location: Kirigakure

Clan Jutsus: Can be Jutsus from the original Village Hidden in the Snow or those from the leaf village
Kekkei Genkai: Kurotenshi
Rank: S
Element: None
Type: Doujutsu
Description: This is the Kekegenkai of the Inigawa clan. When this kekegenkai is in use, one is able to see the weak points in their enemy's body. To enable this, the user must copy at least four hand signs from the enemy so that they are locked on but the kekegenkai itself. In order to use this kekegenkai, one must have the blood of an Inigawa. This does not mean you have to be born one, but if you are not you need to drink two cups worth of blood from an Inigawa. Only the remaining Inigawa have this kekegenkai, no one has been able to gain any of their blood so it is fairly rare to see. Also, when in use, everything around the enemy is turned black and the enemy himself will have a white glow. The possibly effective placed for attack will be in a light blue but the weakest part of the enemy would glow in a bright crimson color. After the use of Kurotenshi, the user will go temporarily blind. This is usually a minimum of ten minutes but at highest of two days. The effects of the Kurotenshi change from person to person but the more it is used the less time one would be blinded for, since the kurotenshi slowly becomes permanent to one's eyes. The more frequently used the longer it lasts on a user.
Lasts: 2-3 Posts on Forum
Other Special Powers: None

History and Members
History: The founder of the clan, Tetsume Inigawa, gained his name in memory of his mother, Mitoko. Tetsume was once a member of a small village in the Land of Snow. He was a member of The Kanumi, who were a popular clan in the Land of Snow but due to their kekegenkai, Kirotenshi, the leaf found them at a threat and aimed to kill them all. Once the attack began, word spread quickly for people to begin to protect themselves.

Word of the Leaf Anbu's attack passed to Tetsume's mother who risked her life to get him out of the village quickly and silently. She helped him slip in between a small crack in the wall which surrounded their village. Once he had escaped, Tetsume ran for days upon days, until he finally reached a cave where he remained for three years, hiding, training and fighting for his life. During this, he had realized he was the only one to have survived that day.

As time continued, he had Tetsume had grown used to living in the cave and moving within the forest to forest for years in order to survive. This continued until he had found a village which was deep into the forest. He forced himself to go into the town though at the time he had little to no strength. He had collapsed as it was midnight, he was found by a young woman of Kirigakure. This was the village he had wandered into after years of running. She took him in and helped him heal up, bandaging him up.

Once they he had woken up, they had continued to get to know eachother. Tetsume being very thankful had begun to help the woman out, finding out her name was Nariko. As years went on, the typical relationship began until they were married. Together, Nariko and Tetsume had children and their clan's strength began to grow once again. The only true rival of the Inigawa clan was Kaguya.

As time continued the clan slowly began to die off, once the War of the Lands began. The Inigawa fighting against alongside the Kaguya for a change. The ward ended when the Leaf decided to attack the Inigawa clan... In the center of edge of Kirigakure. They tried to exterminate them once more but did not completely succeed. There are a remaining 5 members of the clan roaming around, all of them being holders of the Kekegenkai, Kurotenshi.

Members: There are only 5 left, Lucifera being one of them. This clan contained a bloodline that was once rare but now is thought to be completely gone for.
Clan Founder:Tetsume Inigawa

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PostSubject: Re: Inigawa Clan [Open but only 4 Openings]   Sat Sep 11, 2010 5:29 am

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Inigawa Clan [Open but only 4 Openings]
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