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 Zabi Okinaga(Done!)

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Zabi Okinaga

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PostSubject: Zabi Okinaga(Done!)   Wed Aug 31, 2011 5:58 pm

General Information
Name: Zabi Okinaga
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Rank: Hokage,Sannin
Village: Konohagakure
Zabi has black hair and black eyes,and pale skin sometimes his eyes turn purple under some cases, Zabi wears a black long sleeve shirt under his green Jounin flak jacket and black pants with bandages tied around his ankles above his Ninja sandals,normally worn for most cases..Zabi has a black head band with the leaf symbol on the forehead protector. Zabi also wears his sage robe over his normal clothes. Zabi rarely wears his kage robes.

Personal Information

Personality: Quiet sometimes even cold, when infront on well known people Zabi tends to act...Loopy..But most of the time he is daring,brave,couragous,dangerous and most of all always ready for a fight. During a bad situation Zabi would most likely have a smile on his face.He even acts like Hidan sometimes.
Likes: dark places, watching the moon, ghosts, anything that deals with Octopus. Ramen and women
Dislikes: The rain, pretty much any girl that eyes him without speaking.SQUIRRELS
Fears: Bunny Rabbits and cute animals, and clowns.
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Married
Elements:Fire,Lightning,Wind,Shadow/Darkness.[Regeneration abilities thanks to the Kyuubi]

Weapon Information
normal Genin Set with Kunai's, Senbon's, Shurikens, Medical Salve, and Normal First Aid Supplies.Sasori puppet,custom made Kunai.
Raiton Kunai:

Jutsu Information
(Genin Are allowed 4 Jutsu at the begining, Chuunin are allowed 6 Jutsu at the beginning, Academy Level Jutsu is a Gimmie, so you don't require to list those. Canon's can have as many as the character has.)

All Jutsu

E rank:
Tree climbing jutsu
Shadow clone Jutsu
Substitution Jutsu
transformation Jutsu
Water walking technique

D rank:
Genjutsu release
Body Flicker
Chakra strands/strings

C Rank:
Flame Swallow:
Fire Style: Fire clone jutsu:
Fire Style: Great Fire Ball Jutsu
Fire release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique:
Fire release: Flame wheel sawblade:

Strong arm Gaia lvl 1:
Sealing technique: three directional seal:
Fire release: Sparky carnival:
Toad oil bullet:
Death Release:Paralyzing technique.:

B Rank:
Fire release:Ash pile burning:
Fire release:Great Dragon Fire Technique:
Genjutsu:Forceful Burial:
Strong arm Gaia lvl 2
Lightning release:Piercing darkness:
Lightning release:Earth flash:
Fire release:Searing Migrane:

A Rank:
Chakra body resolve:
Lightning Release:Lightning Stalker:
Lightning Beast Running Jutsu:
Strong Arm Gaia Lvl 3

S Rank:
Darkness Release:Kuro Dama:
Lightning Release: Screaming Goddess:

Ninja art: Kage Katen:
SS Rank:
Fire release: Fire God Tenzenku:
Lightning Release: Almighty Zeus:
Lightning release: Silver Lightning Crash:

Clan Jutsu:
Ghost summoning
Kumori [lvl 1-5]
Rintin Pinwheel eye in both eyes [lvl 1-2]

Sage mode:
Lightning edge:

Gamabunta - A rank fully mastered:

Bloodline Information
(Every Original has the ability to receive a blood line, bloodlines you need to describe full out and all its strengths and weaknesses. Along side the Blood Line you get to start out with 3 Jutsu for Genin and 5 Jutsu for Chuunin special to only that bloodline, If your Bloodline involves copying it would be advised to keep some slots open as these slots will be used for copying jutsu as well.")

Blood Line Information:
Name: Kumori
Type: Supplement
Chakra Used:20(Increases by 20 each level)
Description: The user is allowed the ability to see invisible creatures, track down other shadow demons., AND contact the dead. As the level increases so does the rank. Level one is a D rank, Level two is C Rank, B Rank is level three, Level four is A rank, and level five is S Rank. (Must roleplay learning)(While in this state the user also gains speed)

Kumori Levels:

(List you Bloodline Jutsu here)
History and RP Sample
Pre academy: Zabi Okinaga was born into a family of a father and a mother that loved each other greatly in a time where the Village hidden in the leaves hated their clan for their leader. The Okinaga clan hated them in return so planned to rebel and kill everyone in the leaf village, during this time the leader was killed by his brother and Zabi's father knew it..Zabi's father Iki Okinaga knew about the clan's outcome so forth. Zabi was nine at the time of the slaughter of the Okinaga clan of the hidden leaf, watching everyone laying dead in pools of blood..They were killed by Anbu members under the direct order from the current Hokage. It started to rain as Zabi walked through the lonely streets.
Zabi's mother became ill and died a few days afterwards leaving Zabi all alone to fend for himself, but that wasn't the only thing that more deaths involved with friends that Zabi made caused him to shatter and grow a hate for people.

Academy arch: It took a while before Zabi knew that he wanted to become an ninja, reasons where that he made a promise to an old friend who was killed during a mission, Zabi also wanted to prove that he meant something to a village that shunned him and still shuns him by ignoring him and calling him names, [how ironic indeed o.o] No matter what happens Zabi would always keep to himself, he hated his teachers and failed the Academy most likely 3 times..Then he finally passed on to Genin.

Genin arch part 1: Zabi loosened up some but still didn't trust much or didn't like anyone for the most part..He had a lover named Hana Doraibu but she was kin the Akatsuki Leader Mitsu Doraibu and died later on..Taking in that he was placed in Team Seven[Ironic Dx] with a nine year old girl named Koori Hana, and his hated cousin Daichi Okinaga. During the time Koori and Zabi developed a great bond and became best of friends, but when she met Daichi it seemed that Zabi wasn't enough for her. So during the time of the Chuunin exams part in the forest of Death, Zabi and a few other genin in his year were battling the fearsome Hikane Crystalic the Chuunin who sneaked into the F.O.D. After many battles in there Daichi decided to call it quits and go rouge, Koori left with him and left Zabi i the F.O.D. all by himself, Zabi failed the Chuunin exams...So after a few other confrontations with Koori and Daichi, Zabi finally took it upon himself to train with everything he had left.

Genin arch part 2: Zabi had to be put in a brand new team of people completely by the names of Malin Kanda, and Neji Hyuuga..Under the leader a chuunin named Kira Yagami. Zabi couldn't deal with losing more team mates so he called it quits. Zabi in fact just left the Hidden leaf village to travel to Iwagakure for intense training and that opened a new chapter in his life.[Ironic DDx] Making most of his efforts known Zabi returned from grueling training on the day before his 16th birthday to find out that everyone in his year except Daichi,Koori and Zabi made Chuunin rank which really bummed Zabi out. So he decided to train even harder than before, he pushed himself passed most of the current Chuunin that passed on. Zabi quickly re entered the Chuunin exams and passed on to another rank.

Chuunin arch:Zabi focused all that he had on training to get his friend Koori back, thats all he trained for..nothing more....nothing less.. Of course he met new friends and new family members, he even fell for a girl named Lyria Hyuuga without really believing in himself..Around this time he really consumed the idea that everything was his doing... Getting even stronger by dedicating himself by learning the Sage mode and any other jutsu that really expound his thoughts. Zabi around this time was very balanced out. Zabi even gotten the idea of becoming Hokage just to prove his clan's worth.

Jounin,Kage,Sanin arch:Zabi passed the Jounin mission with flying colors and quickly passed on to that rank, of course Zabi wanted more out of just being Jounin so he marched up to the Elders and proved that he was to be the new Hokage, everything went up from there...Also before he became Hokage Zabi was appointed as one of the three Legendary Sannin. Few years pass on and Zabi marries Lyria Along with the Kyuubi being sealed within Zabi and the story continues on.

RP Sample:
I normally Rp at least 300 words or more but this is just to show you how much I train when Im lazy Neutral

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PostSubject: Re: Zabi Okinaga(Done!)   Wed Aug 31, 2011 8:20 pm

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Zabi Okinaga(Done!)
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