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 Mekura's Summons Kumamaru

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PostSubject: Mekura's Summons Kumamaru   Tue Oct 12, 2010 8:41 pm

[ Summon Template ]

[ Summon Information ]

Name: Kumamaru
Age: 400
Race: Bear
Height: three times the size of the Kyuubi in the attack on Konoha, mountain size.
Rank: Kage/God summons
Contract Holder: Mekura holds it.
Summon Edits: Her eye teeth are slightly sharper then normal, her hair is let now and becomes fuller and more wild.
History: The birth of this creature is an ancient myth of the Kumanaka family. He was a God of the Mountains who bestowed life on a young child who had died in the woods after a tree fell on him. Blessed with the life from a God he bore no memory of his life, and took the surname 'Kumanaka' which roughly translate to 'Within the Bear' thus starting the Kumanaka Family. His daughter one day became lost in that same forest and was met by the God who helped her home. The God then saw that he was now bound to this family and thus agreed to become the summons of the family the contract was made with the Daughter and all those after her were Ninja. (Seeing as Kumanaka was a big name at the time even male suitors took the name when entering the family)

Kumamaru was used by her children for 2 generations primarily as a war weapon. But as Iwa was formed into a stable village, the first Tsuchikage had asked that the beast be sealed and not used unless ordered…. But even during ninja wars the Kumanaka family was never asked to use it and with that never used it but simply passed it down the line, with the sole warning to never summon it. The beast though is not himself evil, simply powerful… and powerful things are feared to be uncontrollable.
[ Jutsu/Ability Information ]

[Baby Ranked Summons can have Three Jutsu's And Abilities, Prince Ranked summons can have Five, King Ranked Summons can have Seven, and God Ranked Summons can have Ten.]

Name: Forest Lash
Rank: S
Element: Wood
Description: The wooden growths creep outward either directly attacking like whips/spears, or shooting through the ground to attack from below. They can be as thick as a tree or as then as a chopstick.

Name: Earth Shatter
Rank: S
Element: Earth
Description: Much like Earth Release Shaking Palm only on a much higher scale easily capable of up turning a whole forest. Once a thread.

Name: Forest Raid
Rank: S
Element: Wood
Description: The growths on his back shatter and fly toward a target like shrapnel. This takes up an area of about fifty feet across and the blast can last up to a post.

Name: Regeneration
Rank: --
Element: Earth
Description: At the removal of limbs he gains them back from the earth below an d with mixing of Mekura’s chakra. At all times in a thread so long as Mekura is awake.

Name: Bear Rush
Rank: S
Element: Earth
Description: Summons thousands of stone bears from the earth around his feet and rush a target exploding with commanded. Last one post can’t be used more then once a thread.

Name: Roar of the Gods
Rank: S
Element: Sound
Description: Releases a bellow that can destroy anything fragile in front of himself, including trees which fall over in pieces.

Name: Boulder Shot
Rank: S
Element: Earth
Description: Large boulders shoot from the shoulders, and as long as his front feet are connected to the ground he can fire one from each shoulder once every three post.

Name: Bite of A Thousand Roots.
Rank: S
Element: Wood
Description: By biting into a target a string of roots impales the target weaving through it to destroy it from the inside out. Unless removed the target will be destroyed in two post. (only used on summons of equal and slightly smaller size)

Name: The Sacrifice of A God
Rank: S
Element: Shadow
Description: Kumamaru explodes, taking out a whole village, can only happen once a thread, and after that Kumamaru can not be summoned for three threads. It is an instant kill to NPCs, lesser summons, and anyone under the rank of Chunin unless protected via ability… Mekura uses hide like a mole to survive.

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PostSubject: Re: Mekura's Summons Kumamaru   Tue Oct 12, 2010 11:49 pm

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Mekura's Summons Kumamaru
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