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 The Fourth Tsuchikage Mekura Kumanaka; the Den Mother

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PostSubject: The Fourth Tsuchikage Mekura Kumanaka; the Den Mother   Tue Oct 12, 2010 7:06 pm

General Information

Name: Iwahana ‘Mekura’ Kumanaka.
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Rank: Jonin-Tsuchikage
Village: Iwa
Looks: Shoulder-length brown hair (worn mostly in a spiky ponytail) and gray eyes. Above average height (5’8”), 140 pounds, with a pale, slightly sun-kissed skin tone. She wears a white overcoat, green mini dress, white sash around her middle, and baggy green socks with black sandals. She only wears the ‘kage hat’ on official meetings and otherwise wears a headband with a burgundy sash. On the back of the coat she has a diamond outline with the kanji for Iwa written in dark green inside.

Overall Mekura has a very Tomboy-ish appearance, and is not exactly big on being ‘girly’ it is not to say she is not attractive, simply rough around the edges having only getting ‘made-up’ for special events… last being her being named Tsuchikage. But she does manage to wear at least mascara, pale-pink lip-balm and her nails (fingers and toes) are polished with dark green to match her dress. She has an assistant apply the mascara and clean her face daily… Perks of being Tsuchikage.

Personal Information

Personality: Mekura developed coldness around her heart at a young age… showing little affection to those around herself even her own team mates. After their ‘untimely’ death she grew more distant, but deep in her heart a fire burned for more. Though blind she worked her way to great power and respect using her own code name as a taunt to herself to motivate herself to be better. She is a strong woman and demands utmost respect and is not afraid to be brutal to obtain that respect.

As she reached the level of Jonin and after gaining the rank Mekura’s attitude shifted from a hard/cold person to a more rough and tough kind of girl. More of a bully type who did not care who she hurt, but as an Iwa Ninja she knew when to take orders and shut up. Iwa ninjas are trained to be brutal and quick. There is no room for mistakes in battle, and under the leadership of Oonoki she was a grand soldier who was trained to never question and do whatever it took to get a mission done, at any cost.

After gaining the office of Tsuchikage, Mekura became a bit smug (even ‘friendly’) and enjoyed the new power and title. She has dry humor that seems to be cringe worthy at times and carries a smirk on her lips whenever speaking to those around her. She was a fierce leader and though she seemed cold and even uncaring at times… Her village came first. Her Shinobi and Kunoichi have nicknamed her The Den Mother and her village is her baby cub. She wants to complete what the third had started in the ninja wars, and even so crush those who she saw as ‘soft’ and even has ideas to expand her country and those she gains as allies.

Pets: Has two bear cubs, the male’s name is Badger and the female is Wolf…. They were given to her as gifts for becoming Tsuchikage, and Mekura named them simply by random.

Likes: Quiet and Fighting
Dislikes: Laziness and people who deem themselves 'powerful'
Sexual orientation: Undisclosed.
Element: Earth and Shadow


Personal Jutsu

Name: Chakra Pulse
Description: She sends a bubble of chakra from her body that appears like a soft purple sheen from her skin and uses the pulsing to ‘see’ objects around herself, she can not see colors and this is not a constant sight, simply allows her to ‘understand’ the layouts.

Family Jutsu

Name: Earth Release: Bear Calvary
Description: This is a family jutsu passed down to all ninjas of the Kumanaka Family (the only things that were not sold to pay off debt).
It allows the user to summon forth a large bear made of stone. The beast is used as a fighting pet, a guard, and even as a battle mount; it is of limited intelligence.

Name: Earth Release: Stone Bears of Destruction
Description: Mekura can summon these beast from the very ground by placing a bit of blood on the earth and from that spot they travel underground to a distance of –at most- 60 yards away to emerge from the ground as either still statues or rabid stone monsters. They then either explode right away (doing enough damage to destroy a two story building) or attack people like animals, but then explode…. Mekura can summon five at a time on ONE smear of blood.

Other Jutsu

Earth Release Shaking Palm
Description: This jutsu is used to distract opponents as well as leave them disorientated. The user performs the hand signs and then slams their palm on the ground. The result is the ground becomes heavily turned up with chunks of rubble popping out of the ground.

Earth Release: Earth Spear
Description: The user flows chakra through all parts of their body, which hardens their skin to a steel-like quality. This increases their defensive powers to the utmost limits. The user’s skin becomes much darker, an almost black color. Furthermore, the destructive power of physical attacks is increased, making this a great all-purpose technique.

Earth Release: Rising Stone Spears
Description: This technique lets the user condense mud or stone, from the ground and shape them into spikes that will protrude from the ground in order to skewer the target. The spikes cannot penetrate targets of greater density.

Earth Release: Earth Flow River
Description: This jutsu can transform the ground upon which the enemy stands into a river of mud to throw them off balance. Mekura uses this technique to cause the ground around herself to shift into mud and swirl around like a whirlpool, herself in the center of the swirl, (Earth Release: Earth Whirlpool) causing those in Hand-to-Hand to become off-balanced whilst fighting her physically.

Earth Release: Hiding like a Mole Technique
Description: This move changes earth into fine sand by channeling chakra into it, allowing the user to dig through it like a mole. The user can pinpoint where they are, despite being underground by sensing the magnetic forces. They use that to sense what’s happening on the surface to launch a surprise attack. This is also a way to travel deep into the ground to hide from an enemy’s attacks.

Earth Release: Stone Dummies
Description: Due to being blind Mekura has no idea what she looks like, because of this her ‘clones’ have no appearance other then the basic human outline. She only summons them during a moment of confusion (smoke screen or explosion) and during the confusion, summons them, and then strikes as the opponent is hopefully distracted.


Name: ~Blind Stone Fist
Description: Combined with Earth Spear, Mekura becomes a walking wall. Her attacks are triple in damage and become of the steel-like skin, she feels little to no pain from attacks. Kunais and explosive tags can not dent her armor the only thing known to pierce this technique are lightening moves. (This totally undermines everything Pokémon taught me!)

Even without Earth Spear, Mekura is an amazing Taijutsu user using a mix of fighting styles that she had to teach herself and without any solid formation of a single style most of those who have never fought her before find her moves unpredictable as with her being blind it’s unclear what she is thinking. Using her enhanced hearing and smell she locates the target and moves right up on them, even without her few Ninjutsu she is a fierce opponent who uses harsh blows to take down a target.

Name: Earthen Strike
Description: Mekura’s hands are coated with chakra forming chakra claws from her knuckles when her hands are closed into a fist, but when open for chops or fingertip-jabs her fingertips are coated to become super sharp as well.

Being blind makes her unaffected by sight-only effecting Genjutsu. As with her Chakra pulsing most of any illusions are meaningless.


Most of Iwahana’s childhood has been blocked out due to the simple grief it had once caused her. She was not born blind, but at the start of the ninja academy she was struck by a kunai in the back of the head, the damage putting the young girl into a coma, and when she woke up… she could not see. It had been almost three months since she was hurt and with that Iwahana was behind the children she had started to see as friends would become ninjas and forget about her and she would be a cripple in a country that sneered at the sight of a weak person. Her family life was already unstable, with her father being a gambler and a drunk; he had sold most of their modest estate and treasures to pay off debt. Her mother was all, but there for the child.

It was at a point where Iwahana woke up alone in the ‘dark’ during a storm and no one came when she cried out did the -now seven year-old- realize… That she was alone. She started to work alone, even train herself to get around without looking pathetic. It was at the age of 8 did she develop Chakra Pulsing. By doing this she creates a field of vision that, though limited, allowed her to ‘see’ around herself and with teaching herself to memorize layouts, she was able to move freely without fear of running into things, this vision is not limited to simply earth, but to any surface type, even water and she can even see things flying.

She traveled, after only three month of learning this power, to the ninja academy and asked defiantly to be trained as a Ninja. She was laughed at by many of the Jonin instructors until one reached out to pat her head; she grabbed and broke his wrist with a quick grab and twist. She then looked toward the stunned instructors with sightless, graying-brown eyes glaring almost into their souls and stated, “I want to be a Kunoichi for Iwa… Train me.”

Iwahana was years behind those who she started with, but with the help of a private Jonin Instructor she was able to reach their level in a matter of days. Though written exams were annoying (she would have someone read her the question and then have them write her answers down), she was able to get through them. Hand signs had to be taught to her through physical contact by the Jonin instructor which frustrated Iwahana, but she toughed it out and memorized everything she needed to know by ear and touch.

Iwahana graduated to the level of Genin with those she thought would surpass her. Her team mates were Rei and Noki Takanaru, twin brothers who always bicker over stupid things. Iwahana found these two annoying and tried her best to keep them from killing each other. She slowly started to break from her cold-stone façade with these two acting more hot-headed. Her father, when sober, had taught her the Kumanaka family jutsu of summoning stone bears and even explained to her how to control them and maneuver them. After reach Chunin level at the age of 16 Iwahana lost her team mates to an accident involving a rock-slide while on a simple training retreat to celebrate Iwahana’s new rank. The event caused her to seemingly grow even more hardened as she did missions alone usually only accompanied by a Jonin from time to time.

The leadership of Tsuchikage Oonoki was wonderful and brutal and those under his command were hard like steel and perfect soldiers. He was mildly impressed by Iwahana being blind and yet a very skilled ninja, at this point (age 19) being well self-trained in her own form of hand-to-hand along with her unusual use of Ninjutsu with her hand-to-hand creating a type of Taijutsu fit just for herself. At 20 she was given the rank of Jonin and had learned a few more Ninjutsus and from that moment she took the name Mekura to in a mocking way ‘warn’ those who met her, and in turn strike fear, “I am the shadow of your foot steps and the mist of your breath… I can see you through your trembling and with it I can kill you”.

Sadly by this point in time her mother had passed, and her father had become further unstable. The last thing he had to teach her was the summons of The Beast known as Kumamaru… a monster that had been forbidden by the Tsuchikage for the Kumanaka family to summon unless ordered. Mekura signed the contract, with her fathers help, and afterwards he killed himself. A few years after the signing the noble Oonoki passed and a sort of civil war broke out amongst the highly regarded ninjas. The Elders were having trouble deciding who would replace the former Tsuchikage. And Mekura decided to settle it by summoning Kumamaru who had not seen the world in two generations… The Beast drew silence from the Earth Country once its mountainous size trembled the earth be merely shifting from foot to foot. There was no one who argued who would be the most powerful leader of Iwa.

RP Sample

The sky was cloudless and the air dry in the Earth Country; the windows of the center-most tower where open allowing the dusty office to air out with the rare breeze that crawled into the room. Stacks of paper cluttered evenly on top of the dark, wood desk. The present Tsuchikage would have to have those she trusted deeply to read the words that her sightless eyes cannot process so that she could do her duties. The doors creaked open as Tsuchikage, Mekura Kumnaka, walked in wearing the Kage hat that she disliked wearing so much, her usually pulled back hair being tucked under the drapes of the hat.

“Hehe, they seem more against my idea… but once I prove a few points they’ll agree” she murmured to herself a soft smirk on her lips as she moved across the room touching the highest pile of papers, “Such useless gribble… probably information about the upcoming Chunin Exams, and another request to send student envoys to Konoha to be in their exams.” She sighed heavily letting her hand fall to her side as she moved sitting down in the large over plush chair. Snorted as a bit of dust flew up, it always got so dusty in this room, seemingly over night! She removed the hat resting it in her lap, shaking her hair from being tucked.

Her country was ragged and rough, and had only grown more arid, only leaving smaller and smaller places of lush green and rich soil. Unrest was in everything; she knew that and wanted to discuss things with the Feudal lord about the situation. Kages were the military leaders, but sadly even they answered to Feudal lords and even great Kages must ask for help with supplies to the ninja villages from these ‘money-men’. She as a former soldier found all this annoying, but she had a plan and would set out to have a chat with the Earth Countries Feudal Lord to gain support for the plan that fueled her ambition to be the best Kage for her people. “I must spread this country or it will die within itself…”

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PostSubject: Re: The Fourth Tsuchikage Mekura Kumanaka; the Den Mother   Tue Oct 12, 2010 11:49 pm

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The Fourth Tsuchikage Mekura Kumanaka; the Den Mother
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