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 (PREQUEL) Another Day at the Office

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Akane (UHCM)


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PostSubject: (PREQUEL) Another Day at the Office   Fri Oct 08, 2010 3:49 am

After her off-duty cleaning of the Raikage's bedroom, Akane goes to the office while looking through her list of things to do for the Raikage.

"Laundry...check. Reorganizing his undergarments...check. Making his bed...check. Sweeping the floor...check. Buffer mirror...check. Office..."

Akane looked as she reached the top of the stairs and frowned to see that papers are all over the place while the Raikage was hard at work. She tip-toed over the cracks in between papers after papers as she navigated to the Raikage's desk. Despite her annoyance that the Raikage's office is the only place that is not cleaned, Akane puts on a smile, knowing that being with the Raikage is enough for her. She bends down and pecks his cheek before standing by his side like his top protector with a masamune on her back.

"Morning, Kan-Chan~"
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PostSubject: Re: (PREQUEL) Another Day at the Office   Fri Oct 08, 2010 4:16 am

The raikage finishes a report and carelessly tosses it into his filing system, which seemed to be a littered mess on the ground that covered his office floor. Getting up slowly he looked over akane the annoying girl who had somehow decided to be his own personal medic which although it did help when half his techniques injured him, but it was still annoying to have her around. “What do you want akane? Shouldn’t you be… o I don’t know annoying poisonus reptiles?”

It wasn’t that doku hated the woman if anything he needed her as a resource. But that was it she was a resource, a person assigned to him by the counsel not elected by him to protect him and heal him. he understood that as the raikage he needed the extra protection but at the same time she was annoying. He got up to his chair and walked around to a window. The office was atop a spire the highest point in kumogakure. As he looked down he gave a small smile. “So Akane since you have come up here I can assume there is a reason? Is there something I can do for you?”
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Akane (UHCM)


Age : 30
Posts : 8
Join date : 2010-09-09
Location : N\A

PostSubject: Re: (PREQUEL) Another Day at the Office   Fri Oct 08, 2010 4:43 am

Akane frowned from the response by the Raikage and leaned slightly back with intent to soften the impact of his scorning breath wind attack. She thought she bugged him this much, he would not like her.

"I only came because I have to be by your side most of the time...After all...I was mainly picked for my versatility..."

As Akane mentioned about versatility, she sheepishly pointed to her masamune that was hung on her back. The masamune was given to her as a gift from the government for ascending to that position and as compensation for her efforts in the Kumogakure's efforts to stay on top. Ever since she was with the Raikage, she felt complete, despite her experiences being scorned a lot for things that would be her job as an alternative protector, but praised for being the one he can rely on when he hurts himself during his practices and uses of techniques.

Akane looked at the Raikage as he walked to the window. Though normally she would just suck it up and take the scorning from the Raikage, but her ego was slowly deteriorating when the Raikage has not hurt himself in sometime and all she was doing was to clean and stand by the Raikage like his housewife. Though she felt that the Raikage did not notice her efforts to impress him. When the Raikage spoke of her name for the second time, Akane looked at the Raikage and noticed the small smile and she smiled back, knowing that the scorning may have not been intentional.

"I came here because I wanted to, Kan-Chan. I chose to be by your side, no matter what would tear us apart. If someone tries to kill you, I will gladly put my life on the line to make sure you will continue your plans."

The blushing on her face and her smile gave off a very friendly aura while she was still infatuated with the Raikage, making herself undeniably loyal to him. Just by saying she chose to on her own will, that form of loyalty is hard to come by (according to Akane's mental insight.)

"Any visitors lately, Kan-Chan?"
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PostSubject: Re: (PREQUEL) Another Day at the Office   

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(PREQUEL) Another Day at the Office
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