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 raikage Doku Kanjo

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PostSubject: raikage Doku Kanjo   Thu Oct 07, 2010 9:05 am

General Information
Name: Doku Kanjo
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Rank: Raikage
Village: Kumogakure

Personal Information
Personality: Kanjo is a person who one could trust. he is vary good at reading people and because of that he makes his best work as not only the kage of his village but also a councilor to his village. He is someone who his people can talk too. He is protective of his village and acts for it.
To those not of his village he is neither impolite nor is he disrespectful his tone a moderate middle ground. he does have friends out side of his village and to these he speaks in the same manor of those of his village.
In battle he is commanding and dominating. His presence can be felt on any field of war. Against one oponant he is haunting his clans power allowing him to read even the most talented shinobi’s emotional state. In battle he is dominating and sadistic using his knowledge of emotions to cause fear. An exact opisate to what his personality normally is.
Likes: Kumogakure, woman
Dislikes: those that would appose his village, those that would attack him. , Nagato and the other paths of pein
Fears: that kumogakure may be destroyed.
Sexual Orientation: Strait
Relationship Status: Single
Elements: Water and lightning

Weapon Information

Jutsu Information

Nise Shinra Tensai (false almighty push): Rank: A Element: none description: After seeing pein in action during a mission and witnessing first hand the destructive power and force of shinra tensai (and barly living to tell the tail) the Raikage went into exile for a year studding the attack over and over to come up with an adequate response. The response he gained is the Nise Shira Tensai. By building on his massive chakra reserves he builds force into his body holding back as much chakra as he can and then pushes forward with pure chakra and force. the result is a smaller version of Shira Tensai capable of devastating a small area turning it into a crater. The side effects of this attack are because of the pressure built up internal injuries that remind someone its best to only use this once. Also because of the chakra used it puts strain on the users body. But then again that’s the price for using chakra instead of manipulating gravity. Its range can break down a couple city blocks but it cannot destroy a city like the original. Smaller pushes can be used as well using less chakra but applying the same principle. However because it requires to build up pressure before its released even a small push will cause some form of internal injury to its user.

Lightning release: electromagnetic murder
Rank: B
Element: lightning Description: This technique allows the user to create a wave of electricity from their hands. The user can vary its power from a small surge to shock an opponent to a powerful stream of lightning capable of ripping through solid rock. It is ideal to use in conjunction with a water technique.
Lightning release: Electromagnetic Acceleration:
rank: A
Element: lightning
description: like electromagnetic murder this jutsu takes the idea of passing the current between ones hands and then uses it to create at the center a ball of lightning this ball is then launched from his hands towards the opponent. It’s a vary destructive burst of lightning.

Water release: water prison jutsu
rank: C
Element: water
description: This jutsu is used to trap a victim inside a virtually inescapable sphere of water. The only downside to this technique is that the user must keep at least one arm inside the sphere at all times in order for the victim to remain imprisoned. This jutsu requires a sufficient amount of water, which can be provided by expelling it from one's mouth.[2] Despite the fact that the prison is made up entirely out of water, it is stronger than steel as stated by Zabuza Momochi. Once trapped the target is unable to move while within it due to the heaviness of the water. Because of the density of the water it can be used for defensive purposes if performed on oneself.[2]
Water clones can be used in preparation for the jutsu, which block an opponent's attack and trap the attacker in the prison using the clone's own water.[3] Neji Hyūga was able to use his ability to release chakra from all of histenketsu simultaneously to disrupt the flow of chakra and break the prison.
Lightning release: shadow clone jutsu:
rank N/A
Element: lightning
description: This technique allows the user to make a shadow clone infused with lightning. Because it is a shadow clone, it is able to perform jutsu and interact with the environment due to it having physical substance. If the clone is injured, it will revert to its natural lightning-state, at the same time electrocuting whatever it is touching.

Duel release: water\lightning vortex jutsu:
rank A
element: both lightning and water
description: due to its need of two chakra natures at once this is technically a collaboration jutsu. however Kanjo mearly performs this by using a lightning clone. The first part of this jutsu summons a ring of water. the ring is then flooded with electricity by a lightning clone and then the vortex is fired. The end result is an attack that is drill like in nature much like kiba’s fang over fang. Only it is comprised of electrified water and only moves in a strait line.

summoning jutsu: (bunnies)


(List Genjutsu here)

(List Taijutsu Abilities)

(List Fuinjutsu here)

(List Kinjutsu Here)

Bloodline Information

Blood Line Information: Members of the Kanjo clan have access to the dojutsu known as the emotigon. The emotigon reflects one of seven different colors depending on the user who is born with it. Each color has its own off spring jutsu, but the biases of the emotigon is its ability to read people’s emotional state.
The emotigon allows its user to see the emotional spectrum of a person, rendering them colorblind but when they look at someone it allows them to see a faint aura. This aura is referred to as the emotional spectrum and threw it one can tell how another is feeling. If the aura comes off as white they are balanced and calm, if the aura is red they are enraged and blood thirsty.
The second of the emotigon’s base abilities is to read a persons pulse rate, further giving them depth to a person they can see nervous reactions in the body. Raises in pulse rates, and changes in the emotional spectrum making it VARY hard to lie to a member of the Kanjo clan. This makes members of the Kanjo clan vary well suited for recon and interrogation as they can tell with ease who is lying and who is not.
[Bloodline Jutsu]
Yellow emotigon: yellow is the color of fear within the emotional spectrum. Because of this members of the Kanjo clan born with the yellow emotigon are held at arms length superstition with in the clan usually says that they are cursed, as their branch uses some sadistic genjutsu. As well as the base emotigon factors listed above.

Yellow fear
Rank: D
element: none
Description: if looks could kill this genjutsu would be a mass murderer. Have you ever have someone stair cold hatred into your eyes? This genjutsu is a lot like that. By making eye contact with the yellow emotigon it has the power to instill fear the reflection of his eyes become burned into your own while subconsciously opening an image of something you fear the two become intermingled and eventually you fear his eyes with enough contact.

Yellow manifestation
Rank: C
Element: none
Description: everyone has an image in there hart that they would never want to see. This jutsu reaches deep into your subconscious with eye contact, and pulls that image out of your mind manifesting it in the real world. The more gruesome the image the powerful the shock.

Yellow summon: fly my pretty’s fly
Rank: C
Element: none
Description: the summon of the yellow eyes brings forth several flying monkeys that attack bite and fly around these monkeys are designed to spread fear but since there dated from back at the beginning of the clan most people of today’s generation take them for granted

Yellow pain
Rank: B
Element: none
Description: those that stair into the eyes of a yellow emotigon are racked with pain. This is a genjutsu that stairs daggers into ones body literally giving you a powerful version of pins and needles. As long as eye contact is maintained one stays under the illusion and is numbed further and further, like having a limb be asleep.

. Yellow nightmare
Rank A
Element: none
Description: the most powerful of the yellow genjutsu those that look into the yellow nightmare are put into a deep sleep. The sleep is brought on via eye contact meaning that in order for it to work one must be able to see into his eyes. In that sleep fear takes a hold of you the subconscious is let loose as nightmares take place one after another running stressful scenario after stressful scenario. Your subconscious literally tares you apart as you dream your worst nightmares waking only when an ally’s chakra is forced into your body to override the genjutsu or threw the other two ways of breaking genjutsu calming ones mind to break it (which is vary difficult considering you are both asleep and taken by your subcouncus.) or using chakra to over ride the genjutsu. (more common but still just as difficult as focusing since you are asleep). The down side to the yellow nightmare is that using it dries out the eyes of the user. Making them burn and itch. It also induces temporary blindness, so one needs to have eye drops and medicine applied to there eyes with use of the technique the blindness lasts for 24 hours. But after that eyesight returns at full. That is if you can resist clawing your eyes out of your head.

History and RP Sample
History: Born with the yellow emotigon Doku’s family was always wary of the young child holding him only at arms length due to the superstitions of his clan. Within his clan only his mother seemed to truly love and care for the young boy believing that one day he would be a great ninja due to his eyes, which unlike the rest of her family she viewed as a blessing. She often belived that one day when he was older he would be the raikage, this was her greatest hope for the young child.


Entering the academy the young boy was already learning the basics of his dojutsu. Unlike other dojutsu the emotigon is active at birth. Meaning from birth he could already read peoples emotions. He knew his mother looked at him only with love while his father feared him, and as much as she would try to hide it his sister hated him. he knew this but he didn’t care. He thought it best to not pay attention to the emotional state of others and because of this saw his own emotional state as white most of the time.

In training with his school it was vary different from the life in his clan to his teachers who did not know the clans superstitions he was just another number in his class. And he began to like that. He could tell his fellow students knew nothing about him and he liked that. those out side his family were easier to talk too, and often he would find ways to make friends not caring or speaking up if they lied to him about trivial matters. To him his friends were an escape from his family so who cared if they ‘didn’t bring lunch money today’ of course he could lend out an extra five.

In the end this mannerism caused him to be walked on a lot as a child used by others for money and other such things. but even so he studied hard and with the support of his mom and the help of some of his more true friends he found that the academy was an enjoyable part of his life.
Graduation day the day every student can beg to remember Kumogakure’s final test is the body flicker technique a simple movement jutsu. for someone who was already studding the basics of his genjutsu it was an easy time. but as he was soon to learn kumogakure’s genin had a harder time then most.

The true final test takes place after one becomes a genin. the test is up to the jonin that they were assigned to but most of them were painful and doku’s test was no exception. A survival test placed on the mountans of the land of lightning. to be exact a never ending thunder storm. There he and his two teammates were forced to fight for there survival not only against the never ending storm but against there jonin instructor. “if the three of you are still alive by the end of the week then you pass”

Being forced to work together that’s one thing. being forced to survive that’s another. In the end the three of them were nearly dead beaten and hurt. but due to there team work they had most defiantly survived the training. At the age of 12 they officially became genin.


The chunin exams of Kumogakure took a toll on the young ninja. Passing them at the age of 15. his years as a genin had given him more depth into his clans genjutsu but also given him one of his more powerful ninjutsu the electro magnetic murder. But it would be years later till he gained his most powerful ninjutsu.

On a mission gone array he and a member of akatsuki had ended up hunting the same target. Pein was someone that he had never seen before. But could already tell he was bad knews. Unfortunately he would be the only member of his team that would live threw the encounter with the rinnegon.

It was here that he first wittenessed the power of shinra tensei which destroyed a mountain. When pein spoke there was no arrogance to his tone to him it was just stating a fact not even a lie that you would tell yourself. Pein truly believed himself to be a god. This angered one of his allies and the resulting battle killed three out of four of his teammates. Leaving the young chunin Doku cracked and broken at the center of a crator.

It took months for Doku to heal from his encounter with pein all that time he still couldn’t believe the power the man wielded and the voice that echoed threw his mind. He had come to accept truth from people who showed no sighns of lying but even he could not accept one man becoming a god. Upon receiving the rank of jonin he asked the raikage if he may leave to study, and train. It was a rare idea that one would do this however the raikage allowed it. Asking only that he stay with in the land of lightning, and returned in one years time.

Leaving his home he felt a feeling of missing the place. every night he wanted to be close to home but knew that if he were to learn a ‘gods’ technique he needed to be alone. he spent the next year studying the akatsuki member pein’s shira tensai. Spending most of his time at the crater where his three comrades were buried. The result of this training was the Nise shinra tensai. His most powerful move. Although it is still imperfect the Nise shinra tensai was his own personal bitch slap against pein proving to himself that the man who killed his team mates was no god, but rather just a murderer.

Upon his return and a demonstration of of the false almighty push which managed to crush a small mountain, he was made an anbu where he served under the lord raikage until most recently. With the death of the fourth raikage, he was elected by the councle of kumogakure to become the fifth raikage. A man who could see threw deception, and bring a new era to kumogakure. All hail the godamain Raikage!

RP Sample: “your kidding right? You actually want me to take up his place?” Doku breathed slowly as he looked out over kumogakure he was at the highest point looking out over the mountain city. The buety of this place was still stunning to him even as a colorblind ninja. He turned to the others in the room the councilmen and woman of kumogakure all high-ranking officials of the land of lightning. each and every one of them were calm one or two of there pulse were higher then normal but that could be due to the ‘good new’

“Doku you’re power and ability to see threw deceits make you the perfect choice for raikage. Your judgement is trust worthy and you have only ever served kumogakure with pride. Wont you please consider the position.”

Doku shook his head they were insane but hay that was there business. What ever helped them sleep at night? his mother had always hoped he would become the raikage, she would ecstatic to see him actually make that dream come true. “Okay fair enough I believe I have put the village a head of my life enough times that I know what that’s like. I guess… from this day forth ill just have to get used to being called the raikage.” Doku gave them a prideful smile his yellow eyes showing happiness for his new role in life… he was never one for long winded speeches.
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PostSubject: Re: raikage Doku Kanjo   Thu Oct 07, 2010 9:00 pm

By LuciferaChan~<3
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raikage Doku Kanjo
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