This is a Naruto rpg forum, I hope to have lots of people who like Naruto and rp'ing join up and have fun while building a good community.
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 The rules

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head admin

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PostSubject: The rules   Thu Jun 24, 2010 2:27 am

1) No God modding. if you are caught god modding once your character will be sent a warning if you are caught doing a second time you will be banned from this site. I am nice enough to let you slide once so please no god modding

2) I don't care about the language, but if there is a complaint about it I will restrict the language.

3) Respect the members, unless your kicking their please respect each other.

4) If you are caught cheating at any time you will be kicked off this RPG.

5) please have fun with it.

6) Please don't advertise for other RPG sites here. Mentioning them in passing is fine, but this isn't a webring to different forums, and I've seen how bad it can get when people are allowed to advertise. So, none of that, if you please (we can make exceptions if you want to partner with us.)


If you don't post at least min. of 5 posts every week then we will watch your account and if you don't post something after 2 weeks we will delete your account. The reason we will do that is to make sure we keep the not active people off the site, but if you post or message one of the admin stating that you will be gone for a few days or something is going on in your life and you wont be able to get on then your account is fine.

8. You are allowed 1 cannon character and 1 original character. Or 2 original characters. Each character needs its own account so 1 character per a account. Unless you get special permission from the head admin.

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The rules
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