This is a Naruto rpg forum, I hope to have lots of people who like Naruto and rp'ing join up and have fun while building a good community.
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 Naruto Uzumaki Child of Prophecy

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PostSubject: Naruto Uzumaki Child of Prophecy   Thu Sep 30, 2010 4:55 am

Name: Naruto Uzumaki
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Rank: Genin, Jinchuriki
Village: Konoha

Personal Information
Personality: Naruto has a great sense of humor, he is somewhat perverted in some cases, and usually smiles and laughs all round (though at times, he smiles to hide whatever is bothering him so no one worries about him; those who are closest to him see right through it). Outside his world, he's just an ordinary, loud, hotheaded kid with a fierce will and a knack for getting into trouble

Likes: Ramen, Training, Sakura, Hinata
Dislikes: Over conceited jerks, Choices
Fears: Over conceited jerks,
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single (Not Sure)
Elements: Wind, Water

Weapon Information
Weapon Scrolls
Paper Bombs
Smoke Bombs
Flash Bombs
Demon Wind Shuriken

Jutsu Information


Kage Bushin No Jutsu
Rank: - B
Element: Normal
Description: the Clone Technique, these clones are actual copies, not illusions. The user's chakra is evenly distributed among every clone, giving each clone an equal fraction of the user's overall power

Kage Shuriken no Jutsu
Rank: -
Element: Normal

Taju Kage Bunshin no Jutsu
Rank: -A
Element: Normal
Description: a massive version of the Shadow Clone Technique. Instead of a few clones, it creates a few hundred clones

Naruto Rendan
Rank: - A
Element: Normal
Description: Unlike the plain Rasengan, Naruto uses a single shadow clone to help form it. By adding massive amounts of chakra to it, he is able to increase the size of the regular Rasengan, in turn increasing its power. It deals astounding damage to the area and the target

Rank: - A
Element: Normal
Description: require any hand seals to use, relying only on the chakra control of the user. The compacted nature and moving speed of the chakra allows the Rasengan to grind into whatever it comes in contact with, inflicting major damage.

Oodama Rasengan
Rank: - A
Element: Normal
Description: Unlike the plain Rasengan, Naruto uses a single shadow clone to help form it. By adding massive amounts of chakra to it, he is able to increase the size of the regular Rasengan, in turn increasing its power. It deals astounding damage to the area and the target

Kuychiyose No Jutsu
Rank: - C
Element: Normal
Description: a prospective summoner must first sign a contract with a given species.[3] The contract can come in the form of a scroll or a tattoo. The summoner then signs the contract in their own blood. After this, they need only perform the hand seals, offer an additional donation of blood, and use the same hand they signed the contract with to summon the creature, which in Naruto case he summons Gamabunta, Gamakichi, and Gamatatsu

Katon: Gamayu Endan
Rank: - B
Element: Normal
Description: a two-way justu of summoning and Fire. Gamabunta will use toad oil bullet to shoot a jet of oil from his mouth. His summoner then ignites the oil. Naruto, knowing no Katon ninjutsu and needing an ignition source, substituted an a explosive tag

Futon: Gamayudan
Rank: - B
Element: Normal
Description: Naruto stands behind or atop Gamatatsu, molding his wind chakra, while Gamatatsu molds his own chakra holding the oil in his mouth. When the attack is set up and ready, Naruto will signal for Gamatatsu to shoot through his mouth, combined with the wind chakra that Naruto channels into Gamatatsu, creating a powerful and fast stream of toad oil

Fūton: Gama Teppō
Rank: - B
Element: Wind & Water
Description: Naruto mal
stands behind or atop Gamatatsu, molding his wind chakra, while Gamatatsu molds his own chakra and keeps water in his mouth. When ready, Naruto signals Gamatatsu to spit all the water through his mouth, combined with the wind chakra

Fuuton Rasengan
Rank: - A
Element: Wind
Description: Of the help of three clones, in total, five hands to create it but sometime influenced with the demon chakra he can do it in one hand, the attack would be the rotation and power of the Rasengan, but with Naruto's wind-natured chakra condensed into a stable sphere.

Fuuton Rasenshuriken
Rank: - S
Element: Wind
Description: Naruto was able to create four large points, making a single rasengan creating a giant shuriken, with the Rasengan in the center remaining a perfect sphere. The technique also gives off a loud bell-like screech when being formed. As ithits a target, the opponent becomes trapped in a giant vortex of microscopic wind-blades that attack the body on a cellular level.

True Senjutsu
Element: Sage
Description: a specialized field of jutsu that allows the user to sense and then gather the natural energy around a person. Senjutsu practitioners can then learn to draw the energy of nature inside of them blending it with their own chakra

Senpō: Ōdama Rasengan
Rank: - A
Element: Normal
Description: Sage Mode variant, however, he is able to use two clones to form the attack in both of his hands and then give the Great Ball Rasengan to the clones to wield by themselves. This technique was capable of blasting Pain's summons several meters into the air.

Senpo: Rasenrengan
Rank: - A
Element: Senjutsu
Description: A dual sage infused rasengan, which qudruples the attack of a regular rasengan

History and RP Sample
History: Naruto drives few of the conflicts, as he spends his time improving his ninja abilities and pursuing his own goals while the overarching events occur elsewhere. Following the invasion of Konohagakure, Naruto discovers a orginization called the Akatsuki, a criminal organization that seeks to extract the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox from his body. Though Jiraiya drives them off during this first meeting, Akatsuki's interactions with Naruto become a more central conflict. It is not until Sasuke attempts to leave Konohagakure that Naruto takes a leading role in joining a team of ninja dedicated to stopping Sasuke from joining forces with Konoha's enemy Orochimaru. Naruto and Sasuke ultimately have a one-on-one battle, though neither can convince himself to finish off the other. The two go their separate ways, but Naruto does not give up on Sasuke, leaving Konoha together with Jiraiya for two-and-a-half years of training to prepare himself for the next time he meets Sasuke.

After 2 years of training Naruto return to Konoha, Naruto begins to deal more actively with the Akatsuki threat. He first saves Gaara from Akatsuki's clutches, and later proves instrumental in the downfall of Kakuzu.. Still, Naruto most actively dedicates himself to finding and retrieving Sasuke. He and the rest of his team briefly locate Sasuke prior to his confrontation with Kakuzu, but Sasuke's rapid development provides an opponent the team cannot handle.

RP Sample: As sage training continues, Naruto focuses his energies inside of him, he closes his eyes as a light breeze blew by. After a few minutes, his five senses was augmented to a high rate, he could hear everything thats going on in the sage land Myobokuzan, as his eyes shot opened he achiveved a higher level in sage like none other, he could feel all the energies he gathered flowing thorugh his body. As a few hours past by he got a disurbing mesage from a summoning frog, that the leader of the akatsuki has nearly destroyed Konoha which left Naruto shockedhe then quickly rushes to Konoha in a flash. As a puff of smoke appeared, Naruto in his senjutsu cloak, with the other toads from the sage land puts their game faces on to prepare for a intense battle with the leader of the akatsuki....Pain
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Naruto Uzumaki Child of Prophecy
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