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 Fufy and other bunny summons

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PostSubject: Fufy and other bunny summons   Sun Sep 26, 2010 10:13 pm

Name: Fufy

Age: 60

Race: Bunny


Height: It fits in a basket.. so not vary tall maybe a two feet.

Rank: Baby
Contract Holder: Doku

Summon Edits:

History: Doku learned this guy during his one year of exile. he came across the rabbit hole a place in kumogakure that was home to the summons. after a long time they adopted reno as there own and forced him to sign the contract with them. Fufy was there for the signing of the summon contract after words there was cake.

[ Jutsu/Ability Information ]

[Baby Ranked Summons can have Three Jutsu's And Abilities, Prince Ranked summons can have Five, King Ranked Summons can have Seven, and God Ranked Summons can have Ten.]

Name: Plasma ball
Element: lightning release
Description: a defensive technique that summons a ball of lightning around the rabbit and those inside the area of effect. The ball prevents jutsu from getting in, but also prevents others from leaving, so it’s a two way cage. In order to maintain this jutsu Fufy must remain still.

Name: lightning fang
Rank: c
Element: lightning
Description: The rabbit charges his teeth with electrical energy and then bites down. delivering a powerful electrical shock to a person that’s powerful enough to paralyze them temporarily

Name: Sword of the rabbit
Rank: b
Element: none
Description: using a transformation jutsu Fufy becomes a weapon for reno to use. A sword that looks like an orange katana the blade is made of white steel and its proven to be incredibly hard and near impossible to break. And has the unique property of the ability to absorb vibrations. (I.E. can block a certain lightning based chidori sword.)

Name: quick attack
Rank: c
Element: none
Description: using the body flicker technique Fufy moves quickly and plants a solid kick into a persons stomach usually before they can react, he then uses the same move to get back to The person who summoned him and awaits more commands.

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Kakashi Hatake


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PostSubject: Re: Fufy and other bunny summons   Sun Sep 26, 2010 10:34 pm

Seems fine by me...approved
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Fufy and other bunny summons
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