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 Asuma Sarutobi

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Asuma Sarutobi

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PostSubject: Asuma Sarutobi   Thu Sep 16, 2010 3:07 am

General Information
Name: Asuma Sarutobi
Age: 31
Gender: male
Rank: Jounin
Village: Leaf

Personal Information
Personality: Asuma was typically a laid-back individual, and did not get himself involved in things unless necessary, as seen when he decided not to help save Hinata Hyūga during the Chūnin Exams. He was often seen smoking a cigarette, and smoked about two packs of cigarettes a day. Despite this, he would break the habit when something was bothering him, such as when the Third Hokage died.[4] He would also stop smoking if "something is going on", as seen prior to his last encounter with Akatsuki.

Asuma had a very close relationship with his team, even though he believed it to consist of a "glutton" (Chōji), a "loud mouth" (Ino), and a "slacker" (Shikamaru). To help them overcome their underachieving natures, he attempted to use bribery and outright trickery to manipulate them into doing what he wanted. This was seen most with Chōji, who Asuma was frequently able to entice into action with the promise of food.

It had been heavily hinted that Asuma was romantically involved with fellow Jōnin Kurenai Yūhi. The two appeared together in most of their scenes, and the other characters made it a point to note this fact on several occasions. When Kakashi Hatake found the two together at a dumpling shop, Kakashi asked if they were on a date, to which Asuma responded by quickly changing the subject.[5] In a flashback, Asuma was shown buying flowers for a person he refused to name, though Ino asked that he say hello to Kurenai for her anyway, to which Asuma nervously asked how she knew about it.[6] During Asuma's battle with Akatsuki, Kurenai was often shown wondering about his progress, appearing anxious. When she learned of his death, she fell to her knees in remorse, and later laid flowers on his grave during his funeral. The truth of their relationship was made clear in Part II when Kurenai revealed that she was pregnant with Asuma's child.

Of his students, Asuma spent the most time with, and was closest to, Shikamaru. Asuma and Shikamaru played Shōgi or Go in their free time, though Asuma was never able to beat Shikamaru. It was Asuma who first discovered that the lazy Shikamaru was actually a genius, with an I.Q over 200.
Likes: Kurenai, Anko, Kakashi, Gai, Cigarettes
Dislikes: Nonsmoking establishments
Fears: Kurenai's death, his Baby's death
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Taken
Elements: Fire, Wind

Weapon Information
(Everyone Starts out with a normal Genin Set with Kunai's, Senbon's, Shurikens, Medical Salve, and Normal First Aid Supplies.)

Jutsu Information


  • Fire Release: Ash Pile Burning
  • Flying Swallow
  • Welcoming Approach: Thousand-Armed Murder
  • Wind Release: Verdant Mountain's Violent Wind

  • [Genjutsu]
    (List Genjutsu here)

    (List Taijutsu Abilities)

    (List Fuinjutsu here)

    (List Kinjutsu Here)

    Bloodline Information

    Blood Line Information:

    [Bloodline Jutsu]

    History and RP Sample

    Asuma was born the son of Hiruzen and Biwako Sarutobi, and in later years, would become the uncle of Konohamaru. Around the time of the Nine-Tails' Attack on Konoha, he along with the other young ninjas was also barred by Kurenai Yūhi's father from participating in the defense of the village.

    At some point in time, he had a disagreement with his father, and left Konoha to pursue his personal interests. During his absence, he became one of the Twelve Guardian Ninja, a group that protected the Land of Fire's daimyo, indicated by the sash on his waist.

    During this time he developed a strong friendship with the monk Chiriku, who would go on to become the head monk of the Fire Temple.

    Prior to returning to Konoha to resume active military duty, he accumulated a bounty of 35 million ryō, something he seemed to be particularly proud of.
    RP Sample: look at Benikei
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    Asuma Sarutobi
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