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 Sanbi no Kyodagaime

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Sairento Bakuhatsu

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PostSubject: Sanbi no Kyodagaime   Sun Jul 25, 2010 8:56 pm

All credit goes to Naruto RPG Saga :

Information: The Three-Tails primarily resembles a turtle, but with a crab-like
shell and three shrimp-like tails. It has no hind-legs, only a pair of
fore-legs. Its right eye is constantly closed, indicating some sort of
injury, and because of this, it is particularly vulnerable to attacks
directed at its left eye.

Requirements: Village Hidden in the Mist

The jinchuuriki is able to swim really fast and breath underneath the water for a long time. Also the jinchuuriki's skin is really tough, almost unable to puncture it.

Skills For Jinchuuriki:

Name:One Tail
Rank: -
Type: Bijuu
Element : -
Description:The Jinchuuriki gains a visible aura of the Sanbi's chakra, including the shape of a tail. The skin becomes tougher, increasing physical defense. The Jinchuuriki now has the ability to manipulate tidal influences at will on a small scale with little chakra use. This lasts as long as the jinchuuriki is awake.

Name: Two Tails
Rank: -
Type: Bijuu
Element: -
Description: The Jinchuuriki begins to take on physical characteristics akin to Sanbi. The aura becomes more concentrated, and a second "tail" appears. The Sanbi's signature hallucinogen is able to be produced in the body and passed into water for effects. Medium-scale tidal manipulation is allowed.This is active for as long as the jinchuuriki can hold it.

Name: Three Tails (Full Release)
Rank: -
Type: Bijuu
Element: -
Description: The Jinchuuriki's form is transformed completely into that of the Sanbi. The voice becomes much more intense, with a roar powerful enough to produce a shockwave. The hallucinogen is able to be released as an airborne mist. Large-scale water manipulation is allowed. The Jinchuuriki has access to Sanbi's Menacing Ball.

Name: Kiridoku - Toxic Mist
Rank: -
Element: Suiton
Type: Bijuu
Effect: Once the Jinchuuriki's body starts to take on the Sanbi's charateristics, it will begin to synthesize this toxin. It can be used as any other poison, inflicting a hallucinogenic effect on the victim that exploits their greatest fears. In lower levels it is restricted to liquid form; at higher levels it can be released as a vapor.

Name: Shiononagare - Tidal Influence
Rank: -
Element: Suiton?
Type: Bijuu
Effect: This inherent ability allows Sanbi's host to manipulate water and moisture, typically moving it through the air to serve various purposes such as blocking attacks, binding or drowning opponents, and shaping the water into various attacks. If water is lacking in abundance, the Jinchuuriki can use the moisture in the air or utilize groundwater.

Name: Imari - Menacing Ball
Rank: -
Element: -
Type: Bijuu
Effect: The Jinchuuriki's ability to manipulate pure chakra energy into a projectile blast. In Sanbi's case, they are white-colored shockwave blasts.

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head admin

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PostSubject: Re: Sanbi no Kyodagaime   Tue Jul 27, 2010 7:09 am

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Sanbi no Kyodagaime
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