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 Benikei Genshuku Kaguya

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Benikei Genshuku Kaguya

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PostSubject: Benikei Genshuku Kaguya   Sun Jul 11, 2010 9:36 am

General Information
Name: I think thats obvious from the title >.>
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Rank: Hokage
Village: Konoha

Personal Information
Likes: Meditation, Food
Dislikes: abusers, arrogance
Fears: Nothing
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Elements: Lightning, Fire, Earth, Wind, Water

Weapon Information
(Everyone Starts out with a normal Genin Set with Kunai's, Senbon's, Shurikens, Medical Salve, and Normal First Aid Supplies.) A standard Anbu Nodaichi

Jutsu Information
(Genin Are allowed 4 Jutsu at the begining, Chuunin are allowed 6 Jutsu at the beginning, Academy Level Jutsu is a Gimmie, so you don't require to list those. Canon's can have as many as the character has.)





Dead Demon Consuming Seal

Bloodline Information

Blood Line Information:
The main capabilities of Shikotsumyaku is allowing the user to manipulate the speed of their bones' growth as well as the location of calcium deposits. This allows them to create weapons of bones that can either protrude from any part of the body, or pulled out and used like hand held weapons. They can even fire pieces of their bones as long-ranged projectiles. Any bone that they remove from the body immediately regenerates, as does the skin that is damaged when the bones are removed. Users can increase the density of the created bones, making them stronger than steel. This not only makes the created weapons very powerful, but also makes their bodies virtually indestructible.

From what the only known user of this ability, Kimimaro, has shown, most of the techniques are named after flowers. Most of them are also taijutsu-based sword dances, which are used for close combat and defense. However, as Kimimaro demonstrated, the bones can also be forced to grow from the ground, as a form of a ninjutsu, and that he can emerge from any of these bones.

The Rinnegan (輪廻眼; Literally meaning "Samsara Eye") is said to be the most revered and powerful of all the three great dōjutsu. The Rinnegan's occurrence is so rare that Jiraiya once believed its existence was only a legend, and Kakashi Hatake believes it to be only a mutation. There have thus far been only two known users: the Sage of the Six Paths and Nagato. With the Sage long deceased, and Nagato now dead there are no other confirmed Rinnegan users alive at this point.

The Rinnegan is characterized by a ripple-like pattern around the pupil, with a grayish-purple iris and sclera. In addition to enabling the user to quickly master various jutsu, the user may also use all six forms of chakra nature transformation which, as noted by Ibiki Morino, literally allows its user to use any technique they wish. It also allows the user to use all of the six paths techniques, a series of ninjutsu unique to the Rinnegan user. Like the Sharingan and the Byakugan, the Rinnegan also allows the user to see chakra, including otherwise hidden barriers. According to Nagato's partner Konan, the possessor of the Rinnegan can also control the seventh path of Pain, who is "beyond life and death", that can use the Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique, which allows the Rinnegan user to revive all people who have recently died.

Because Nagato's Six Paths of Pain were all reanimated corpses, their Rinnegan was added to their bodies by Nagato through some unknown means. By doing so, Nagato could see each individual body's field of vision, coordinating the bodies with extremely precise planning, even during battles. Due to this effect, unlike the Byakugan, the Rinnegan does not have a blind spot, as long as the bodies are looking in every direction or at least one body is looking at the desired target. Because of this advantage, an opponent must blind one body, or distract all others in order for a blind spot to be opened. The animals summoned by the Animal Path also possessed the Rinnegan, suggesting that Nagato controlled and could see through them as well. Madara Uchiha also stated that while the Sharingan and more with the Mangekyō Sharingan can translate some of the text on the tablet the Sage left behind, only the Rinnegan can fully read the words on it.

It is later revealed that Madara has become interested in obtaining the Rinnegan to prepare for war, and for his own ambitions.

[Bloodline Jutsu]
Most are in my ninjutsu section e.e

History and RP Sample
History: Benikei was known in the Kaguya clan for his strange black bones, that carried his chakra even after transformed. He was against going to war against Mizugakure, but he went because he wanted to protect his clan. He had killed a few people before that, so it wasnt as big a deal. When he arrived he learned how badly they were losing the war the hard way.
Their bones only held as long as they had chara, and after that they were normal humans. He however had an amazing ammount of chakra and so he held longer than anyone. When he saw everyone he loved and knew slaughtered before him a peice of himself died, and he went into a rage, in the proccess unlocking the rinnegan and massacaring the ones who killed his entire clan. He never knew about Kimmimaro, and he thought he was the only survivor. He had trained himself to use his new found powers, and eventually settled in a shinobi village, his blood was a fighting blood, and he loved to fight, even though he hated to kill now. He seemed to understand what death truly was and he resurrected his old clan members as his "paths" or "realms". He had advanced in the ninja ranks quite easily and was asked by tsunade herself to become hokage, as she was too old for it and they needed someone young yet still powerful to lead the village. He proudly accepted.

RP Sample: He smiled and turned to the two espada. He could sense their reiatsu easily, dellapero had a seal, without it he would probably have more than any captain, but still not his level. He had trained years to get to where he was. He glanced at Hayami, her hollow reiatsu was still growing, and was amazing as it is. He turned towards Sosuke... Pathetic... he was probably lower than the fifth espada, that would make much more sense, but why would a cero leveled espada be hanging around a weaker espada.

He listened to the deal and noted how Hayami was so happy to see him, she wasnt betraying him... so what did she have to fear? He had to find out what had changed. Could it be because Shinji accessed his hollow form? no, hers could beat his. He pondered what could possibly cause such a change, until he thought of a certian something... the hogyoku, of course. He had wanted it since Aizen's death, He didnt want it to go to waste making weak little espada like Aizen did. He was going to make perfect hybrids, like himself. He was going to make a completely new race, a fusion of Shinigami and Hollow, a perfect fusion.

(PS i only rp this long when someone makes a good enough post... i usually match people in posts unless its stupid to do it so dont expect me to always type this much or this little, im lazy x.x, also as for kaguya bloodline no one knows how Pein makes those little black things so i made my own version of his chakra receivers, made by bone and chakra, may seem a bit oped but all kages are.)
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PostSubject: Re: Benikei Genshuku Kaguya   Tue Jul 13, 2010 3:17 am

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Benikei Genshuku Kaguya
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