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 Twilight Brigade

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PostSubject: Twilight Brigade    Fri Jun 25, 2010 9:27 pm

General Information
OrganizationName:Twilight Brigade
Organization Symbols/Common items :This organization has no symbol, but many of them use swords that have a sunset with a moon above it etched into their swords
Organization Placement: This is an organization that requires you to lose all affiliations with the villages before you can join. The only country this clan is even slightly attached to is the country where the main base is, and it is hidden somewhere in the deserts of the land of wind.

Requirements: You must abandon your village permanently and be labeled as a Rouge Nin, must be at least a A-Rank missing Nin

Jutsu you Gain: One-Handed Jutsu-Allows the members of this organization,after training, to use jusu through a single hand, but only one jutsu may be used at a time

Eyes of the Student: This Jutsu is a jutsu that Ovan teaches to any who forsake their village and follow him, but with this eye ability is the curse that the user may never talk about the eye ability or else they lose the ability to use jutsu forever, Only Ovan may break this rule. This jutsu allows the user to copy any ability that is within his physical ability, and as long as it is the same type of chakra he can use.

Strengths-Iron Fist Taijutsu Focus, All must be at least A-Rank Weapon users, or S-Rank Taijutsu/Ninjutsu Users

Weaknesses- Since this clan is seperated from any village, it is difficult for them to get help if they need it.

History and Members
History: This clan has been around only a short amount of time in reality, only about five years has this clan existed, yet there have been floods of people to join it, all high ranking ninja, or swordsmen from different countries working together for hire working in squads and other things. This Clan was made possible when Ovan after five years hard work gathered money to buy land in the Country of Wind to create a fortress under the sand as a base of operations. This base can only be found by those who know where, but its not that hard to find it once you have been to it, for it calls to them. Ovan is the current leader of the clan.
Members:Ovan and several NPC's
Organization Founder:Ovan
Ranks in Organization:
Ox(Everyone Else)
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Twilight Brigade
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