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 Ovan, The Rebirth, The Legendary Rouge (Top S-Rank Rouge Nin)

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PostSubject: Ovan, The Rebirth, The Legendary Rouge (Top S-Rank Rouge Nin)   Fri Jun 25, 2010 9:04 pm

Ninja Registration Number: 000245
Age:Unknown, but rumors say he has been wandering for over 10 years and has yet to age past 20
Gender: Male
Birthday: He is unknown to his birthday, so he says how old he is by the years that have gone by
Height: 6’8’’, Weight: 189 lbs.


Personality: Ovan from what has been seen is that he tries to be a all around good guy. To his clients he is polite and gentle in his speech. And to those he is teamed with few have said they dislike him. All around he tends to be the guy everyone can like.

Around animals however is when Ovan is truely at home. Animals flock to him, possibly due to his nature as he has always been kind to them. His reaction to animals is always a smile and he never seems to deny an animal food. Of all things however his favorite animals are Blue Birds and he often makes references to them.

Around Men and women he is a very calm person as he always is. He never seems to do much around them, other than casual conversation. And as to Authorities, he tries to obey the laws of the lands the best that he can.

Likes: People with a sense of Justice, Doing good deeds, Goofing off
Dislikes: People who abuse power, those who would look down on others, those who have the power to do things, but do nothing
Best Traits: Intelligent, Super Athletic, Very Kind
Worst Traits: Tends to hide things, never reveals everything, loses self to Evil Familiar
Favorite Food:Dangos
Favorite Phrase:One ending, is really a new beginning
Hobbies: Cloud Gazing, Traveling, and Observing the ways of the world

Not much is known of Ovan's first twenty years of his life, but since his major appearance, everyone knows about him. Ovan is from a village that was known as Dougakure, or the Village hidden in Confusion, and this is where he made his legendary debut. When he was about the age of 24 he appeared to fight a great familiar known as Aida. Useing the powers he was born with he fought the great entity of darkness, but to no avail for his powers were only half that of the great Aida. That however was when the darkness in the sky was cut by a great beam of light as a creature that could only be described as an Angel ascended upon the land.

The great being that's height was greater than any tailed beast stood in front of Ovan as he looked at the great being in wonder. The being asked him "What is your wish".Ovan answered immediately without hesitation"To defeat this beast at any cost" The being gave a nod of its great head as its blue light filled Ovan with immense energy greater than any seen before as blue tattoos began to cover his skin glowing as he looked at the beast. The darkness known as Aida reeled away from Ovan as Ovan stepped toward it. A sword appeared in Ovan's hand and with it the voice of the being spoke"This is the blade of Corbenick, this is the Coming Resurrection". As he spoke the blade danced with light that pierced through the center of the great Aida.

As Aida writhed in pain it did a desperate attack at the unprepared Ovan. While the best was almost entirely destroyed, the beast known as Aida began to inhabit Ovan's body granting him power, but driving him mad. As Corbenik and Aida fought for power in Ovan's body, Corbenik managed to mostly push Aida out, but it was impossible to fully do this, so with the help of Ovan, Corbenik created a seal on Ovan's left arm to seal the beast within his left arm, but Ovan could still use his hand signs while his arm was within the cast. But as this happened, the city cheered, but little did they know what was about to happen.

Ovan collapsed on the ground and at that same time Corbenik took his price for defeating Aida. Corbenik, using Ovan's body as the epicenter, let an immense blast of natural energy from Ovan's body it wiped the village off the face of the earth, not even leaving buildings or stones in its wake as it left behind a great mass of dust and ash. Ovan awoke three days later surrounded by nothing but dust, not understanding what had happened, had he won? Where was He? And most importantly, where was his home? Corbenik answered this. Corbenik explained that the mass influx of energy that came from Ovan getting knocked out caused Corbenik's powers to activate in defense, wiping out everything Ovan had ever loved in that world.

But, among the confusion, Ovan smiled in realization. His sister was still alive, Aina still lived for she was not in the village when this had happened, in actuallity, many ninja had been sent away from the village. Then a feeling of dread hit him. He would be the one to blame, and it was his fault that the village was gone. So with this Ovan left in sorrow, he had no right to wish for his sister. Not with as many as he had killed. So He ran, he ran till he should have no longer been able to move,but found that even then he kept running, with both evil and holy energy running through his veins. Some say he ran across the deserts of the Wind country, through the forests of the Leaf Village, and past the mountains of the stone country, but this is only speculation.

When Ovan stopped running, he found himself in the Land of Lightning. It was only then that he noticed that his sword had changed and he asked Corbenik. The spirit replied,"That is no blade of mine, It has been tainted with Aida's sin, it is known as Demon Slice".Ovan stared at the blade and the shine. It seemed to absorb light, but it seemed to have its own dark shine as well, like an anti-shine. The blade seemed to draw Ovan into it as he stared into it, but Ovan's eyes then flared with Corbenik's light and Ovan snapped out of it. Ovan realized the blade had the souls of those Aida had killed within it, and found that he himself had more energy when he held the blade, much like with Coming Ressurection, but the energy this provided was stolen from souls, it was evil energy, while Coming Ressurection had the power of nature behind it.

Ovan once went by another name, but he changed it to the name his sister had chosen for him as his codename. He was Ovan for now and forever, at least till he saved as many lives as had died on that fateful day..Until he could be deemed worthy enough to show his face to his sister and the rest of what was left of the Ninja of the Village of Confusion. For now he was a man for hire, a mercenary, a man that had no home, and would be the servant of many.

For the next three years after this he would learn how to use the powers of Corbenik, along with the powers of Aida, for him to use. Over time he fought so many ninja he found that the blade he carried had a reminiscent bit of power of Aida's soul stealing power. Also with this he found that he can use both the powers of Aida and Corbenik to his use, but not to the full extent, not unless he released his seal. Ovan did experiment with his seal and found that he was very influenced by Aida's power when his seal was not on him, which lead to many complications.

Along with this Ovan decided to create a clan and teach people his eye ability. The ability of his family before that fateful day, after all he had the rights to do so. So he bought land in the Country of wind and created a great underground fortress that could only be found by those who knew where it was, or by someone with the "Shark Eyes" jutsu. After organizing this clan, he began to have people come to him, outcasts, swordsmen, admirers, and even some great ninja, and ninja that had gone rouge, he took them all in under his wing.

Ovan found that over the years that his organization has become almost as big as a village, so he has had to make stations for his clan in multiple countries. This clan seems to be growing daily, including the occasional interesting addition now and then. Ovan constantly has had to practice to control his Aida when he is around these people, and has only snapped once or twice. Through all this he has learned several jutsu through help of his clan's eye ability and through the beings inhabiting his body.

Dreams/Goals:This character has very few goals and that is to simply keep on living and maybe make up for what happened to his old village

[ Combat Information ]

Rank: S-Rank Mercenary,

Completed Missions:


Fighting Style: Swordsmanship, Taijutsu, Ninjutsu

Demon Slice
This is a sword that manifested when Aida began to inhabit his body. This sword drains life force from his opponent stealing a year onto the life of anyone cut by this blade 20 times and it gives that year of life to Ovan. This blade seems to be made of a dark crystaline steel that reforms when shattered, this is Ovan's Primary Blade. Capable of gathering natural energy.

Coming Ressurection
This blade is made from the esscence of Ovan's original familiar, Corbenik the Rebirth, this blade grants the user powers not normally available. This is the true form of the Demon Slice blade and can only be used by Ovan after he summons Corbenik in battle. This blade drains chakra from its surroundings to give Ovan its energy, but it only drains enough to barely leave its surroundings alive. As with Devil Slice it can gather natural energy.

Combat Strengths: Naturally super athletic, High Stamina, capable for staying awake for weeks on end without feeling fatigue, Excellent Vision: capable of having vision like a hawk, High calculative in a battle situation, Accurate, and lastly seems to have a strong control over Natural Energy along with immense levels of Chakra.
Combat Weaknesses: Has only one arm unless his evil Familiar takes him over(Can never be fixed), Seems to have trouble controlling self after he is tired, often losing himself to his dark Familiar, Aida

[ Ninjutsu ]


Houden no Jutsu
(Electrical Discharge Technique) By focusing their chakra, the user is able to convert it into electricity and control it, emitting a strong burst of electricity in a 10 foot dome that deals a heavy shock to all of those caught within the area. If used on water, the area and damage from shock is twice that of a normal use as long as the water covers the total area. [C-Rank]

Ikadzuchi no Kiba
(Lightning Bolt Fang) Through the use of this technique, the user channels chakra into their hands or weapon and points them at the sky. A plume of lightning will jet up toward the sky above and gather in the clouds, crackle, and then come back down, having gained more speed and power in doing so, the final product far exceeding the Raikurai in power. [C-Rank]

Kenrai no Jutsu
(Blades of Lightning Technique) A technique used in with any normal style sword weapon or the Lightning Sword technique. Crackling lightning begins to encompass the blade of the weapon(s), then the user is able to swing single or multiple times with each seperate attack releasing a high impact shocking edge of curved lightning toward a single opponent or group of attackers. [C-Rank]

(Electronic Infiltration) Through the use of this technique, the user is able to travel through electronic devices such as electrical lines. As long as there is some sort of output area to come out of. Travel is incredibly fast, but it isnt instant. The longer the distance, the longer it takes to travel it. The technique is like shunshin except that it covers larger areas of travel and is more limited by when and where it can be used. [C-Rank]

Manako no Same
(Shark's Eye) While not truly related to sharks or an eye, this ninjutsu is a method of perception that mimics a shark's ability to sense electric fields. Because air is a much poorer medium to conduct electricity, the effectiveness is greatly less than a shark's natural sensory abilities. The practitioner is able to pinpoint organisms that produce bio-electricity (essentially any animal) within a twenty foot radius. The technique does not yield any descriptive information about the organism, simply its location. Strong electric fields, such as other electric ninjutsu, are capable of rendering this technique temporarily useless. Additionally, the user must channel chakra to maintain this sensory enhancement. Unless their chakra control is precise, it is best used deliberately as opposed to a constant passive activation. [C-Rank]

Rai Bunshin no Jutsu
(Lightning Clone Technique) The lightning clone is actually a ball of electricity in side a normal clone because the user's chakra sustains the lightning the clone can sustain limited amounts of damage and can also shock its opponent. [C-Rank]

Rai Katana no Jutsu
(Lightning Sword Technique) Converting chakra to lightning, the ninja creates a long sword of lightning. Its length can be varied by the amount of chakra used. [C-Rank]

Rai no Muchi
(Whip of Lightning) Through the use of this technique, the user creates a long crackling whip of lightning. The length of the whip varies with the amount of chakra used, the whip impacts like a normal whip, and it has an added shocking property. [C-Rank]

(Lightning Projectile) Through the use of this technique, the user gathers lightning into the palm of their hand and around their wrist and arm. Once the lightning chakra has gathered, a projectile made of lightning can be fired at the target(s). The projectile is about the size of an arrow, but it is much sharper than a kunai or shuriken, and is launched with much more force and speed than a normal nin can throw it. Up to three projectiles can be fired at once. The technique only needs to be used one time to gather the lightning chakra to the user and continue drawing it out. As such, the user can continue drawing out projectiles in subsequent posts until another technique is used, though each projectile used requires an equal amount of chakra. [C-Rank]

Rakurai no Jutsu
(Lightning Bolt Skill) User shoots a lightning bolt out of the palms at the victim. If it hits, they victim will be electrified. [C-Rank]

(Lightning Ball) Through the use of this technique, the user channels chakra into the palms of their hands, forming a ball of condensed lightning. The user then throws the lightning ball at the enemy which will curve slightly to help hit the target. The lightning ball deals a heavy shock. [C-Rank]

Seiteki Shigamitsuku
(Static Cling) Sends a weak wave of electricity across the ground. If hit, the object (shoes, feet, arms, legs, kunai, etc), will be seemingly glued to the ground. Water can dissipate the electricity, however, freeing the object. The cling can also be broken by someone with strong physical strength or an equal amount of chakra to oppose it with. [C-Rank]


Dai Fuusugai
(Powerful Storm) The user makes a large centralized storm with extreme crashing winds that make it extremely hard to maintain balance. The main aspect of this, however, is to allow the user to control where the lightning would strike. This technique drains chakra in a massive way, usually draining even the strongest of jounin within a minutes time. [B-Rank]

Kusari Raikurai
(Chain Lighting) Through the use of this technique, the user sends a lighting bolt towards a target, which then leaps from target to target after the first, damaging each specified. After each jump, the attack gets weaker. [B-Rank]

Kuudenkou no Jutsu
(Static Rain Technique) A technique that, if used while the target is directly exposed to rain, significantly wet, or immersed in water, will cause all lightning jutsu to zero in on the target. [B-Rank]

Rai Kabe no Jutsu
(Lightning Wall Technique) The ninja expels chakra from key chakra pores and turns it to lightning creating an effect similar to a Vander graph machine. Only in this case, the charge is so huge that electricity arcs out towards incoming projectiles deflecting them, or strikes close targets, injuring them. [B-Rank]

Raigeki no Yoroi
(Lightning Strike Armor) Through the use of this technique, the user performs the needed seals and creates a disk of lightning above their head. The lightning then shoots down to envelop the user's body in a form of lightning armor. The armor provides minor protection against physical attacks and protects against lightning jutsu of C-rank or lower. In addition, the armor deals a heavy shock to anyone who directly strikes the user. [B-Rank]

(Lightning great cut) Raikozan changes the user's chakra in the form of lightning, forming massive bolts of black electricity between the user's hands, which is then shaped into the form of a massive blade or trowel shape. The jutsu itself is perfect for attacking large targets or piercing through barriers or walls. Since the jutsu drains a tremendous ammount of chakra, the jutsu can only be done when the user is in dire need, and only then for a brief period for a singular slash. [B-Rank]

Raiton - Hyakurai no Jutsu
(Lightning Element - One Hundred Thunder Claps Technique) This technique involves a physical lightning component, and also a secondary sonic component. The user channels a large amount of lightning into their palms and then claps them together. The lightning is compressed and then forced out in a shockwave around the ninja that radiates for about twenty feet in every direction. While not deadly, the shock can be incapacitating. As a secondary effect, the clapping of the palms and discharge of lightning creates an abnormally large sound once described by the former Raikage as "the force of one hundred thunder claps" (hence the technique's name). This sonic component is much like a sonic boom and is able to shatter glass, rupture eardrums, and even knock people off their feet. [B-Rank]

Raiton: Gian
(Lightning Release: False Darkness) A lightning type attack useful at all ranges, Gian is performed by first forming the necessary handseals, ending with the raiton-element oriented handseal of monkey. Lightning nature chakra is then focused through both arms of the user. The arms are then extended forwards powerfully in a pushing motion. A momentary crackle of lightning between both hands serves as a warning before an electric blue "spear" of lightning is launched forth from between the user's hands. A fast and powerful attack, the Gian covers distance at an alarming rate and can easily kill an opponent if they are hit directly. The sheer power of the technique also grants it the ability to damage an opponent who is still relatively close to the attack, should they dodge it. An added feature of the Gian is the ability to split into two separate bolts of lightning to strike another target. The power of the attack is halved, making it only twice as powerful as the average Raikurai. [B-Rank]

Raiton: Toruneedo Raitoningu
(Tornado Lightning) Through the use of this technique, the user performs the needed handseals and flows chakra into their hands. Two lightning bolts about 50 feet long shoot out of the user's hands, remain, and begin to whip around wildly, completely destroying the surroundings. The lightning whips deal a heavy shock and a lot of destructive force. The user can control these whips only slightly with a major exertion of their own chakra. [B-Rank]

Ryuuraidan no Jutsu
(Thunder Dragon Blast Skill) The user creates a blast of lightning shaped like a large dragon, and send it thundering towards their opponent(s). If this attack hits, the victims will most likely be shocked to death. (Note: Like Suiryuudan.) [B-Rank]

Yurezuchi no Jutsu
(Quaking Thunder Technique) The user raises their hand and a bolt of lightning strikes into their arm. The user will then proceed to slam their hand into the ground, cracking it and unleashing a torrent of lightning bolts through the ground and at the target. [B-Rank]


Raiya Houchou
(Lightning arrow step) By harnessing the earth's electrical fields to generate electricity, this works as long as the user's legs are connected to the earth. When in use, this allows the user to nearly instantly to close short distances and strike within the same motion. Usable at distances of several feet or less, this allows one to deliver an electrically charged palm thrust should it connect. If no contact is made between the ground and the user's legs, this is unusable. There is a downside as the user cannot change directions once the technique is initiated, thus allowing a more skilled opponent to dodge if they see it coming. [A-Rank]


Fuujiru no Koe
(Sealing the Voice) This practical technique is used by the most skillful for many things: on themselves, to avoid leaking any information when tortured, on a guard, so they cannot cry for help, etc. Once the technique is ready, the users hand will radiate a faint purple aura, a sign that the sealing chakra is in action. By successfully touching the target, the user may seal away the their ability to speak for about an hour. Just as though the vocal cords were missing, the target may not scream, moan, mutter, or make any use of its vocal cords at all. This technique leaves behind a purple seal on the target wherever they were touched. The seal disappears in an hour, allowing the target to talk again, or it can be cut out of the targets skin to remove the effect of the technique. [B-rank]

Other Jutsu

Bunshin no Jutsu
("Clone Skill") A basic ninja jutsu required to graduate into a Genin. Clones of the caster are created in their perfect likeness. They are false images, somewhere near the realm of illusions, but physically present. They can not cast jutsus or throw weapons, as they possess no material form. "Bunshins" will automatically disappear when hit. [E-Rank]

Henge no Jutsu
("Transformation Skill") A basic ninja jutsu required to graduate into a Genin. The user is transformed into a different appearance. They can change into anything from another person to a shuriken, as long as it is not a gas or liquid. In transformation, the user retains the same strength, weight, and density; one can not fly away as a bird or evade an attack as smoke. [E-Rank]

Kawarimi no Jutsu
("Body Substitute Skill") A basic ninja jutsu required to graduate into a Genin. The user switches his or her body with another object in an instant. It can be a plant, object, or animal, but not a person, something gaseous, or a liquid not in a container. Traditionally, the ninja inexplicably switches with a log. It is a useful jutsu for escape or evasion, but must be prepared one post prior to use by concentrating on the object in question and forming the hand seal. [E-Rank]

Kabenobori no Jutsu
("Wall Climbing Skill") By focusing chakra into the feet, the user is able to walk on walls. Walls that are thin or frail are more difficult to walk on without breaking them. [E-Rank]

Kinobori no Jutsu
("Tree Climbing Skill") By focusing chakra into the feet, the user is able to walk on trees. More difficult than walking along solid walls. [E-Rank]

Suimen Hokou no Gyou
("Art of Water Walking") By focusing chakra into the feet, the user is able to walk on water. More difficult and chakra-consuming than walking on trees. [E-Rank]

Shunshin no Jutsu
("Body Flicker") Shunshin no Jutsu is a basic technique. The ninja will disappear and reappear in an instant, allowing them to travel along short to medium distances almost instantly. This teleportation-like technique is usually just used for dramatic entrances or exits, as upon arrival in the new location, the ninja will need to completely reorient themselves to their surroundings. It also uses far too much chakra to be used for traveling purposes. It may not be used in battle. [E-Rank]

("Dispel") Kai is a Ninjutsu technique which allows the ninja to avoid the effects of a Genjutsu illusion. After forming the needed hand seals, the Genjutsu technique will not affect the ninja. The ninja can also use the technique on another individual who was unable to avoid the attack. After forming the needed hand seals, the ninja touches the one affected to end the affect of the spell. [D-Rank]

Muon Kutsuoto
("Silent Footsteps") A handy skill that focuses chakra into the feet to silence the user's footsteps. Sounds caused by stepping on or kicking things are muted, but audible. More difficult than walking on water. (Note: Must be Chuunin or higher.) [E-Rank]

Nawanuke no Jutsu
("Rope Escaping Skill") Nawanuke no Jutsu is a very basic Ninjutsu technique that allows a ninja to escape from rope binds. The user focuses their chakra into the ropes, causing a bare minimum of friction between them; this will cause simple knots to come apart. [E-Rank]

Inbijiburu Shi-su
("Invisible Sheath") This technique was designed as a means to carry large swords (or perhaps other weapons) without concealing it in an actual sheath or occupying their arms. With this technique, the weapon adheres to the user's back and its edge is dulled, making it safer to carry in this way. The amount of chakra required to maintain this is minuscule enough to be held for almost indefinite periods of time. [D-Rank]

(Air Walking) Through the use of this advanced technique, the user is able to flow their chakra through their body in such a way that it makes them almost weightless. As long as the user keeps moving, they can walk over any sort of substance imaginable, running across very small and thin tree limbs, jumping off of falling leaves, and even 'gliding' through the air over great distances and being immune to falling damage. [C-rank]

Sanso no Jutsu
("Air Supply Technique") Through the use of this technique, the user gathers chakra into their lungs and converts it into oxygen, allowing the user to breathe even in the absence of oxygen. The amount of time this technique is used determines the amount of chakra used. [D-Rank]

Doryuu Douyou
("Earth Shaker") The user can shake the earth around by slamming their hands on the ground, good to throw the enemy off-balance. (Note: Should be someone of great strength to use.) [C-Rank]

Fuyugomori no jutsu
("Suspended Animation") Through strict meditation training, a ninja can learn to slow his metabolism and life functions. While slowed in this way, he can only move very slowly or use handseals. He cannot do anything that requires physical effort. The technique can be used for various things: it can allow a ninja to wait in ambush for days without moving, it can slow the bleeding or the effects of poison while he is waiting for medical aid. It can even allow him to function for several minutes without air or convince his enemies that he is dead. (it takes a medic of at least the same level or someone like a Hyuuga to guess that he is alive.) It takes one full post to restore normal body functions. [C-Rank]

Hitokemuri Bunshin no Jutsu Credit to Paws
("Bandit Smoke Clones") At any range, the ninja creates a real clone; unlike Kage Bunshin, it cannot utilize any techniques. The clone will either divert or battle the target, or create more clones of itself. The clones can surround the target(s), and then explode into a cloud of blinding black smoke. [C-Rank]

Ishiki Debari no Jutsu
("Extra Sensory Projection Technique") Through the use of this technique, the user is able to use their chakra to heighten their senses. The chakra must be flowed to the appropriate place to take effect. The degree of amplification to the senses and how many are being amplified determines the amount of chakra that is used. [C-Rank]

Bakuretsu Kawarimi no Jutsu Credit to Sylia / Kureiko
("Explosive Body Substitute Technique") Similar to the standard version of quickly replacing one's self with an object, the ninja often replaces herself with an object with an explosive or some form of bomb instead. [B-Rank]

Konbi Henge no Jutsu
("Combination Transformation") Konbi Henge is a Ninjutsu technique that allows two ninja to transform themselves temporarily into another person or thing. While in the form, they can use the physical characteristics of the one they are impersonating. (Note: Both people need to know this move.) [B-Rank]

Kanashibari no Jutsu
("Body Freeze Skill") A special ANBU-originating technique used to immobilize enemies. The user stares the enemy straight in the eye and freezes them in their tracks. Requires direct eye contact, and the user can not move while using this jutsu. [A-Rank]

Kuchiyose Kuroi Kemono
("Summoning Jutsu - Black Beast") A jutsu which summons three "Black Beasts." The Black Beasts then touch the target(s) and start draining their chakra. The size and shape of these beasts are dictated by their creator but one common trait is that they will have speed equal to that of a Chuunin at their best and should they be defeated they will not be able to be recreated for five posts following their demise. These beasts can only be harmed by offensive jutsus utilizing chakra be it elemental or other and cannot be attacked through physically. [A-Rank]


Jubaku no Karada Saisei
(Curse of Body regeneration) Any living being that is hit by this curse turns into an indiscriminate ball of flesh with the ability to regenerate infinitely. Flesh snakes emerge from the target's skin, which loop back and devour the target - a process which repeats endlessly, causing the victim to suffer eternal pain. This is done by the user performing a jutsu in which their right hand is enchanted with six glowing marks on their hand, five on the fingers and one on the palm. This takes a minute to perform and once ready, the user grabs the head of the target and transfers the marks to the victim's head and says, "Seal!". There is no way to free the target from this curse except to kill the person that used it. [B-Rank]

Sabaki Chuushin
(Drain Heart) Sabaki Chuushin, or rather Drain Heart as its called is a form of curse. What it does is that it forms an etheral ring around the user's right forearm once the curse is activated, also causing the symbol of an evil eye to appear on the palm. From here, the user is to direct the eye's sight on the one whom they wish to curse and make physical contact with the victim's skin. Upon doing such, the etheral ring will plunge spirit tendrils deep inside the victim and begin forcibly drawing out their chakra. After this point, the user can let go as the curse will persist until it drains the victim dry. This does have a downside as the jutsu requires that the user pays with their own stamina. So they gain and lose at the same time. [A-Rank]

Teikoku Natsuin, Joumae
(Imperial Seal, Lock) The Imperial seal jutsu is an unusual jutsu with an unusual purpose. On the outside it doesn't really seem that dangerous, but it indeed is. What this jutsu does is that the user forms several seals and imprints on the victim a drop of their blood. This blood then becomes an imperial seal of heaven on the target, locking them into whatever form they henge'd into. So should the person henge into the opposing sex, this would lock their body to behave as such until it is unlocked. The natural duration without being unlocked is exactly a week's time, potentially leaving the person quite helpless for the duration. [A-Rank]

Teikoku Natsuin, Kaihou
(Imperial Seal, Open) The sister jutsu to the previous imperial seal, this follows the same pattern of the Joumae version, but in reverse. The user is to imprint the previous seal with their blood, then do the seals in reverse to unlock it. [A-Rank]

Tajuu Rai Bunshin no Jutsu
(Mass Lightning Clone Technique) This technique is identical to the Rai Bunshin no Jutsu, only it can produce ten to twenty times the amount of clones. (Note: knowledge of rai bunshin is required) [A-Rank]

[ Taijutsu ]

Daibingu ea kikku
(Diving Air Kick) The ninja leaps into the air and then at a faster speed, dives down at the opponent with a kick. (Note: Consider "Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen!/Clash of Ninja game for gamecube") [D-Rank]

Knife Hand
the user flattens their hand, making the edge thinner, like a knife, then they strike with the edge of their hand. Works well with blows to the neck and has even been known to knock people out sometimes. [D-Rank]

(Dragon Thrust) Using this taijutsu technique requires the user to get a running start and charge their opponent, delivering a chakra reinforced punch once they get there, and adding even more power to the blow by not stopping but continuing to run even when they make contact. More damage is done the straighter a path the user can run, the further they run, and the faster they can run. On the extreme end of this technique, the user has the potential to actually punch straight through their target. [D-Rank]

Surprise Shadow
The user seems to charge straight at their opponent but at the last second they seem to disappear, but really they are lower and then they twist to behind the oponent, slam their hand into the ground to get them standing back up and then continue to attack from behind. [D-Rank]

Tetsu Haji
(Iron Grip) A technique in which bone crushing force is applied in a fast snapping grab that has been known to break the skin as well. Once latched on it is very hard to escape from this hold. [D-Rank]


Hirahira Kyouran (credit to Paws/Kohirou)
("Flutter Frenzy") Using quick speed, a ninja unleashes nine kicks to hit the opponent up and down. (Note: Must have speed as strength) [C-Rank]

Marugoshi Ken Hikite (Credit to Acradius)
("Unarmed Blade Catch") This technique, requiring quick reflexes and both hands free, enables the user to catch brandished blades with his or her bare hands. It is done by clapping the hands vertically, along the length of the flat of the blade. This is generally only useful against swings, but can be used for thrusts as well. While many times, a Ninja would rather simply get out of the way, there are situations when that is impractical. Cannot be used against thrown weapons. While this is a skill that every ninja could potentially do, this technique denotes practice and thus more skilling in performing it. [C-Rank]

Tashikou (Credit to Sylia)
(Forged Needle) This is a technique which uses the transference skill of Uraate to transmit the user's power through the air. This is achieved by collecting the rotational force of one's motion until it forms unto a needle, forged by their own chakra. At that point, that collected atmospheric force would then be directed from the circular motion into a straight line (via punch or kick), where it is sent barreling into the target. (Must have Uraate to use.) [C-Rank]

(Reverse striking) This is a form of chakra transmission that teaches one to shift the point and force of impact by striking the dead center of an object. At expert-levels, a practitioner can transmit the force of impact wherever they please, as long as a medium exists to transmit their power through. [C-Rank]


Amatsu Shikasune
(Imperial Deer leg) This technique utilizes chakra to release a burst amount of their chakra to their leg muscles, briefly boosting their strength. This ability enables those practitioners to make extraordinary leaps; even in a single bound. This can be used offensively as well to deliver powerful kicks. This technique differs from similar leaping techniques as it utilizes the practitioner's leg muscles to perform the leap, thusly minimizing the amount of chakra actually required to use it. [B-Rank]

Kongou Tentou
(Diamond Counter) A secret technique that allows you to make your body hard like a diamond for up to five seconds. Now offhandedly one would think such a technique is useless, but within the space of five seconds, much can happen. This ability was created with such thoughts in mind, allowing for a sudden counter against a potentially deadly blow. While this can only be used once every five minutes, it is extremely effective. [B-Rank]

("Drawing Technique") A technique which enables the user to draw a weapon from its sheath with blinding speed, usually leaving a blurred gleam of the sword behind its movements. (Note: Needs a scabbard and speed for strength.) [D-Rank]

Fukubu Nido
("Abdomen Timing of Two") A technique in which the sheathed sword is used to block an attack. Once blocking the attack, the user draws the sword from the sheath and strikes the opponent as they are drawing back from block. [D-Rank]

Genwaku Ittou
("Blinding Blade") The user will hold their polished weapon blade out in front of them at an angle that will cause the sunlight to be reflected into their opponent's eyes. Then the user attacks at the exact moment when the opponent covers his eyes to shut off the blinding light reflected from the blade. (Note: Must have polished blade and the sun must be out to perform this technique.) [D-Rank]


Battoujutsu Shijuukire
("Drawing Technique Continuous Cut") A technique performed if a battoujutsu is blocked. Using the momentum of the opponent's force against the blow, the user rotates in the opposite direction to cut the opponent. [C-Rank]

Itsusu Hitosumi Hoshi
(Five Corner Star) An Iajutsu that strikes five times, abruptly stopping and changing direction sharply after each corner, like drawing out a five-corner star. [C-Rank]

(Triple Strike) An Iaijutsu that strikes at three areas: The lower body, the upper body, and the neck. The technique was used to fatally wound, and not kill. Many times, the target bleeds to death. [C-Rank]

("Iron Fist/Strong Fist") This is the basic style of Taijutsu, typically used by everybody while fighting. Hard punches and kicks are delivered with the intent of causing outer damage, such as bruising skin, tearing muscle, and breaking bones. Because of its basic nature, every ninja is able to use this Taijutsu to some degree.


Gates Available

("Gate of Opening") The initial Gate of the Eight Celestial Gates. The Gate of Opening is released, absolving the natural limiters in the brain that restrict muscle strength. The user is capable of using one hundred percent of their natural muscular power, doubling their basic speed and strength. [C-Rank]

("Gate of Rest") The strain of the Kaimon often causes injury to the user, which can be healed through the Kyuumon, the second Gate. The heart is forced to pump blood at a very heightened rate, stimulating the production of red blood cells. This induces super-fast healing and a marked increase in stamina, thus making the user feel rested and refreshed. [C-Rank]

("Gate of Life") During the third Gate, the heart's pumping is revved even more. The rapidly circulating blood bulges the user's veins and causes their skin to flush red. Just as how during a workout one's muscles become larger and stronger to meet the demand of stress, the muscles swell and strain to the brink of their ability, upping the user's strength and speed to three times the average. [B-Rank]

("Gate of Pain") The Shoumon is named ironically, as the user's brain begins to block the functions which signal pain and stress, and produces adrenaline sending the user into a semi-high. The user recklessly ignores the limits of their strength, the force of their will overriding the natural tendency to unconsciously restrict one's self to reduce strain and suffering. Their strength and speed becomes four times of normal, and the user's stamina takes a sharp increase once again. However, the muscles will definitely snap and tear from the overexertion at this point. [B-Rank]

("Gate of Limit") The nerve receptors in the body become ultra-sensitive, causing the user to break the natural limits of their reaction and movement. The super-efficient response creates more pragmatic movement, allowing the user to use their muscles effectively and increase their speed and strength to five times their normal ability. Few can usually even follow the user's movement, much less react to it. However, the user's muscles are torn to shreds by the unreasonable demands put on the body, and the high sensitivity reverses the effect of the Shoumon, making the user extremely responsive to pain. Thus, it is not likely to withstand use of this gate for very long. [B-Rank]

("Gate of View") Once the utter limits of the ninja's physical ability have been scavenged, the Celestial Gates dip into the meta-physical. The Keimon releases the user's chakra pathways to their full extent, leading an uninhibited flow of chakra. This causes a sharp increase in the user's sensory ability from the abundant chakra, hence the name, as well as an increase in the strength of chakra-based techniques. The excessive amount of chakra ramps up the ninja's healing processes, such that the user is capable of continuing fighting after using the ravaging Tomon. Extended use of the Keimon will result in the user's death, as they will quickly run out of chakra after four or five minutes of use. [A-Rank]


[ Personal Jutsu ]

Shadow to Shadow
This is a jutsu that requires the ability to use jutsu with only one hand, this ability allows the user to teleport into any shadow he can see as his chakra fuses to the shadows about him, he must be standing in a shadow first.[B-Rank]

Left Arm Seal/Release
Upon his left arm is a seal that seems to stop Ovan from using his left arm normally as it has a large weight upon it with a very large lock that restricts a large amount of his power. Inside this lock he can still use his hand for jutsu. This lock is also capable of being undone at times as his Evil side releases him and reveals his corrupt left arm, his third scythe arm, and his familiar spirit Aida.

Rebirth Initiation
When Ovan goes down to the last of his reserves of energy, instead of dying he releases so much chakra from his body that a crater that measures four miles in radius. As this happens he becomes covered in a cocoon of chakra that is impenetrable. Ovan stays within this cocoon for two days total in rp time. If Ovan has Coming Ressurection equipped at the time of this, instead of useing his own energy it uses the energy of the surroundings and he does not go into crystal stasis.[S-Rank]

Curse of Aida
This curse drains exactly one fifth of the characters total chakra. This jutsu requires no chakra, but can only be used once per battle. This power is related to the powers of his evil familiar Aida that has taken refuge in his body, this ability chooses a random target on the field.

Blessing of the Rebirth
This is a power that is always active on Ovan. This power allows Ovan to activate his powers with Corbenik. These powers triple his Strength, Speed, his ability to absorb natural energy, along with his control over Aida.

Clinch Needle: Ovan summons a huge ball of energy and smashes it into hundreds of shards, which travel towards his target. The energy for this attack is natural energy that is gathered by Ovan's sword.[C-Rank]

Deflection Barrier: By charging natural energy with his swords while he has one equipped he can create a barrier of natural energy that fries anyone that comes to close to him, this can only deflect taijutsu and c or lower rank jutsu.[A-Rank]

Devil's Verdict: Ovan charges towards you and if he grabs you he'll throw you into the Sky and launch a huge lightning ball onto you resulting in immense damage.[A-Rank]

Shot In the Dark
Using his sword he points the blade into a shadow and fires an orb of energy into it. This orb will travel from shadow to shadow until it comes from inside its targets shadow. This orb will deal B-Rank damage to its opponent.[A-Rank]

Shadows of Aida
This ability is a curse seal that only is known to Aida Possessed Ovan. This ability fuses a piece of Aida to the target and permenantly drains the cursed one of exactly one seventh of their chakra. This can only be reversed by being touched by Coming Reincarnation. Those under the influence of Shadows of Aida become inherently violent and feral like.[A-Rank]

Light of the Coming Ressurection
This is an ability that can only be used when Ovan's blade is in its purest form, Coming Ressurection, The blade covers itself in pure light that pierces anything it touches as its light can be transformed into a great shield or be used to lance or as a great whip. This effect lasts for five minutes of time, but after use Ovan is kicked back and Aida controls his body for a short time, making this a last resort ability.[S-Rank]

Needles of Shadow
Same as Clinch Needle, but these needles travel through shadows in an instant till they find their foe. [A-Rank]

[ Bloodline/Clan Info ]

(remove section if not applicable)

Bloodline/Clan Description: Twilight Brigade-This is a clan that went all but extinct until Ovan came along and began to share the knowledge of the eye ability, but at a high price, the price being that they must abandon their obligations to their own country and become a mercenary, often causing bad ties to the countries, but the clan itself is fairly well respected. Unlike other clans however Ovan has been known to make exceptions depending on if you are already of a close family clan, such as the Hyuuga or other clans that are supremely loyal to their country.

Bloodline/Clan Jutsus: Eyes of the Student: This Jutsu is a jutsu that Ovan teaches to any who forsake their village and follow him, but with this eye ability is the curse that the user may never talk about the eye ability or else they lose the ability to use jutsu forever, Only Ovan may break this rule. This jutsu allows the user to copy any ability that is within his physical ability, and as long as it is the same type of chakra he can use.


[ RP Sample ]
*The wind gusted about Ovan as he watched about him. He was surrounded, he observed. They chose to sneak up on him in the middle of the night. What they didn't know was how grave an error that was.In his seal his left hand made a hand sign and muttered "Needles of Shadow..."* As he did black needles formed in the air as they dissapeared into the shadows. Ovan kept his hand closed, making sure the jutsu did not go off just yet. He wanted to make sure that he could have all of them in sight.

That's when they jumped. The assassins came at him and in the same instant a flurry of needles came from every direction as they leaped from shadow to shadow to confuse and daze his assailants. He smiled, no one who knew him fought him at night, especially not in a forest where shadows where abundant. Ovan looked at the bodies on the ground as he inspected them, they were from the Rain village again, it seemed that they always wanted to kill him, perhaps it was because of his own power, Ovan left the forest as the full moon shone and his blue hair shined in the light as he walked away*
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Approved Ovan. And Nice Application.
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Ovan, The Rebirth, The Legendary Rouge (Top S-Rank Rouge Nin)
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