This is a Naruto rpg forum, I hope to have lots of people who like Naruto and rp'ing join up and have fun while building a good community.
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 Naruto Uzamaki

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Naruto Uzamaki


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PostSubject: Naruto Uzamaki   Thu Jun 24, 2010 3:04 am

General Information
Name: Naruto Uzamaki
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Rank: Genin
Village: Leaf
Looks: Avatar.

Personal Information
Personality: Shortly after Naruto was born, his father, the Fourth Hokage, sealed the dangerous Nine-Tailed Demon Fox within Naruto's body at the cost of his own life, leaving Naruto without a family. As a result of him being the demon fox's host, the villagers of Konoha hold a strong animosity for Naruto. Thus, he never has a source of love or attention during his early childhood. Desiring what he lacks in his early life, Naruto dreams of becoming Hokage, the village's leader, hoping that it will bring him the villagers' recognition and respect. To assist him in gaining this title, Naruto possesses a fierce determination, always confident he can complete a given task with relative ease. Although he does not always complete his tasks, Naruto's efforts prove successful as the series progresses; many characters reach the conclusion that Naruto will someday be an excellent Hokage. Since his childhood, Naruto has commonly made jokes to attract attention. He sometimes goes to the point of transforming into a naked woman to ridicule whoever may be bothering him. This even causes his pupil, Konohamaru Sarutobi, to emulate his techniques and jokes.

Occasionally, Naruto's determination results in those around him adopting some of his traits, such that in Part II his teacher, Kakashi Hatake, notes this to be Naruto's unique power. In the aftermath of fighting Naruto, Gaara discovers that true strength is found in fighting for one's friends, not for oneself. These character metamorphoses serve as the moral for the arcs they take place in, and subsequently become the creed for the particular character's life. After Jiraiya's death, Naruto becomes determined to kill Pain, Jiraiya's murderer. However, he later decides not to kill Pain and that he will break the hatred's cycle as Jiraiya wanted.

Through his ability to change others, Naruto gains the friends he lacks during his childhood. Among the many friendships he forms, none are more prominent in the series than those he has with his two teammates: Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno. With Sasuke, Naruto shares a highly competitive relationship which he likens to brotherhood.Though Sasuke betrays Naruto and the rest of Konoha at the end of Part I, Naruto maintains his attachment to Sasuke, readily lashing out at anyone who speaks poorly of him.Naruto possesses a deep dedication to Sakura, rooted in the crush he has on her for years. Naruto's commitment to Sakura is so strong that he is willing to do anything to make her happy, vowing that someday he will return Sasuke to Konoha not only for her and Sasuke's sake
Likes: Ramen,Girls
Dislikes: Hot stuff,Sasuke as in jealousy
Fears: Losing sasuke
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Relationship Status: Single

Weapon Information
Genin set.

Jutsu Information
(Genin Are allowed 4 Jutsu at the begining, Chuunin are allowed 6 Jutsu at the beginning, Academy Level Jutsu is a Gimmie, so you don't require to list those. Canon's can have as many as the character has.)

Rasenshuriken (風遁・螺旋手裏剣, Fūton: Rasenshuriken?), which damages anything it impacts on the cellular level but, when first used, also accumulates injury to Naruto. Naruto solves this problem by learning to throw the Rasenshuriken at his targets rather than ramming it into them.

Naruto takes advantage of his expanded chakra reserves throughout the series. His first and most recurring example of this is the Shadow Clone Technique, which creates any number of physical copies of the user, but requires large amounts of chakra.Though most ninjas can create only a few shadow clones, Naruto's vast chakra allows him to create hundreds of clones at once without worrying about fatigue

Rasengan, a concentrated orb of spiraling chakra first created by his father. When performing the technique, Naruto creates shadow clones to help him manipulate the chakra into its proper shape. While capable of grinding into whatever it touches and causing great damage, Minato created the Rasengan with the intention of infusing it with his own elemental chakra

Senjutsu (仙術?, lit. "sage techniques") is a form of jutsu introduced during Part II of the series. It is achieved by combining the user's chakra with "natures energy", a task that can only be completed by ninja with particularly large chakra reserves who learn to harmonize with nature by remaining perfectly still — anyone else who tries is quickly overwhelmed by this natural energy, turning into a toad and petrifying. However the master sage toad can neutralize the effects with his beating stick. Once senjutsu has been mastered, the user can perform jutsu with much greater power and effectiveness. The user also has the ability to mold the natural energy around their opponents, allowing them to increase the range of physical attacks to the extent of not even having to touch the opponent directly to inflict damage. As a beneficial side effect, senjutsu makes the user stronger as time passes rather than tiring them.

(List Genjutsu here)

(List Taijutsu Abilities)

(List Fuinjutsu here)

(List Kinjutsu Here)

[Summoning jutsu]
His ability to summon toads to aid him in battle relies on the fox's chakra, since he can only summon larger toads with the fox's help.[33] He also learns senjutsu, a power-enhancing ability derived from frogs and involving the gathering of natural energy.

The Summoning Technique (口寄せの術, Kuchiyose no Jutsu?) allows a ninja to summon a creature to their side during battle. The creature can then use its own unique abilities or weapons however it sees fit. Before a summon can be performed, a ninja must first sign a contract with the creature in their own blood. After that they need only press their hand to the ground, offer an additional donation of blood, and provide an appropriate amount of chakra to bring the creature to their location.The Summoning Technique has been used by a number of different characters during the series, each of whom summons a different type of creature. The toads summoned by series protagonist Naruto Uzumaki and the snakes summoned by recurring antagonist Orochimaru are the most commonly seen types of summons. During Part II, creatures are shown to be capable of summoning their own kind or even the summoner themselves, allowing them to move around the Naruto world much faster.

Bloodline Information
(Every Original has the ability to receive a blood line, bloodlines you need to describe full out and all its strengths and weaknesses. Along side the Blood Line you get to start out with 3 Jutsu for Genin and 5 Jutsu for Chuunin special to only that bloodline, If your Bloodline involves copying it would be advised to keep some slots open as these slots will be used for copying jutsu as well.")

Blood Line Information:Not really a blood line but has the Nine tails Jinchūriki in him.

[Bloodline Jutsu]
(List you Bloodline Jutsu here)

History and RP Sample
History: Naruto was born as the son of the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, and Kushina Uzumaki. Before his birth, they had decided to name him after the main character in Jiraiya's first book, hoping their son would be as great a ninja as the character was. This made Jiraiya Naruto's godfather. Soon after his birth, however, the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox attacked Konoha. To save the village, Minato engaged the Nine-Tails in combat and sacrificed his life by sealing it within Naruto, believing his son would someday have use for it. Naruto was left to grow up knowing nothing of his parents, receiving only his mother's last name since the Third Hokage felt that it was best that nobody knew that he was related to the Fourth Hokage.

Naruto as a young child.

Before Minato died, he asked that the villagers of Konoha view Naruto as a hero who had helped defeat the Nine-Tails. However, only a few of the villagers honored his request, while most instead resented him for containing the monster that had destroyed their home. In light of this, the Third Hokage decreed that nobody should ever speak of the Nine-Tails sealed within Naruto, hoping that their children would not resent him as they did. The children, however, followed their parents' lead, despite not knowing why. Iruka Umino would be one of the few exceptions. Despite losing his parents to the Nine-Tails, Iruka later became compassionate to Naruto's plight. For this, Naruto came to view Iruka as the father-figure he never had.

RP Sample: Zilo came walking up to a small shop that he had heard that urahara had that took in Soul reapers. He walked inside and looked around and it looked like a normal old little shop.Thinking to himself. He never fails to amaze me when he tries to hide something so important like this base for runaways. He looked around for him and heard some weird noises coming from the ladder beneath him. He didn't bother to go down there. He just sat in a chair and looked around and sighed. I guess i will sit here until urahara comes in.
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PostSubject: Re: Naruto Uzamaki   Thu Jun 24, 2010 3:17 am

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Naruto Uzamaki
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