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 Laws of Kirigakure [w.i.p.]

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PostSubject: Laws of Kirigakure [w.i.p.]   Wed Oct 13, 2010 6:41 am

The laws of Kirigakure made by the sixth Mizukage were constructed in order to maintain order as well as protect the village alone with all of its people. These laws will range from the beginning of life to the face of death, as well as punishments of the land. These laws are to be known by each citizen of Kirigakure.

[Daily Life]
These are the laws which will be followed by all of Kirigakure.

Law One: All those who live within Kirigakure must have complete loyalty toward the Lady Mizukage. This loyalty is asked for in order to know that in time of war and struggle the people will supporter her Lady Mizukage and aim to help themselves as the nation of the Mist.

Law Two: All those with occupations will be taxed based on their income. Those that make more money will, indeed have higher taxation but the money which is collected will be used in order to fund many public works within Kirigakure, including schooling, training of ninja anbu and military, repairs which may be needed due to troubles of the land and to pay the military's men for their services.

Law Three: Those persecuted of doing acts of treason or immoral, based on the ideal of the common man of Kirigakure, will be given a fair trial among 13 of their peers. If there is a close call where there are seven votes to six, the one placed on trial will be taken for a second day for the prosecuted to be able to have a final chance to try and change the ideas of the court. Those that are found guilty will be sentenced to death by the hands of the Torture Squad of the military.

Law Four:

These Laws grow into effect the moment one enters the academy.

Law One: Upon the first day of entering the accademy, all students must speak the Ninja Oath of Kirigakure. After stating the Oath, all students must sign the Oath Contract, which will complete their enrollment. The signature must be written in the child's blood which will be from a prick of their finger. The Oath is as Followed:

[bloackquote][blockquote]I, [State Full Name Here],

Law Two:

Law Three:

Law Four:

[Military & Anbu]
The Rules and Regulations for the Military and Anbu Black Operatives.

Law One:

Law Two:

Law Three:

Law Four:
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Laws of Kirigakure [w.i.p.]
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