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 Laws of Iwagakure

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PostSubject: Laws of Iwagakure   Tue Oct 12, 2010 10:32 pm

The laws of the Village Hidden within Stone will be noted and respected by those who bravely wear the headband in battle and others within the walls. Within home or on road the laws will be upheld and those who disobey them will be punished accordingly.

Dealing of Guilt: Is a right given solely to the Tsuchikage. They are given the evidence and speak to the accused and others involved... and then it is up to the Tsuchikage to pass judgment.

Law One. Your Life is the Village’s life. Once you earn the headband, you are a weapon, and must act as ordered without question. If something happens due to your failure as a weapon your life is forfeited.

Law Two. Those who fail the Chunin exams can not repeat the exams for three years, in that time they must train, and if they fail again they lose their right to be a Ninja. Special events can be used to gain the title of Chunin if so granted by the Tsuchikage.

Law Three. Those who force a sexual act on others will be removed of their parts, flesh ripped, and then body eaten by the wild beast of the land.

Law Four. The act of unlawful fighting against a neighboring village will result in the Stone Ninja being taken to the opposing village and left to be killed.

Law Five. The act of killing a comrade of Stone will result in the family or spouse of the killed to gain rights to enact revenge on the killer.

Law Six. Demons and those who hold them within themselves are to be seen as powerful weapons, and to be protected. But once taken or flee the village, are to be hunted and returned by any means so long as the demon is not wasted.

Law Seven. Bloodlines are to be protected from being stolen, and the act to protect the secrets can be of any means even despite the wishes of the person who has said bloodline. Burning of body and removing of special parts are key request. The taking of others with bloodlines in battle is fine so long as no more then five Stone ninja are killed in the process to retrieve it.

(These laws were made by the current Tsuchikage and the first time new ones have been made since the First)

Neo-Law ~ Eight. The act of assaulting and torment toward a person of a disability is deemed punishable by one hour in a hole with five angry badgers with their hands and feet bound.

Neo-Law ~ Nine. Jonin must serve at least one year at the academy as a teacher. This must be done within five years of gaining the rank.

Neo-Law ~ Ten. Those branded as ‘Missing-Nin’s are to be killed on sight, if noted to allow one to escape then they are to be seen as a traitor and killed.

Neo-Law ~ Eleven. The use of Forbidden Jutsu is deemed unforgivable unless used in favor of the village, any other use of the Jutsu and the act is deemed traitorous and the person is to be killed.

Neo-Law ~ Twelve. Those who kill themselves are to have their bodies removed from the village, taken into the wilderness and burned without Final Rights and their ashes scattered to the winds.

Peace and Victory rest solely in the people of Iwagakure and how they respect the words of the Tsuchikage. If Iwagakure is to remain strong and firm, the people -both Ninja and civilian- must work together and if any disrespect the peace of Iwagakure are traitors and are to be dealt with swiftly to avoid further infection.

Stand firm and never let the downpour of the enemy erode your spirit!
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Laws of Iwagakure
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